Human Resoures Management

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Human Resource Manager
I plan to work as a Human Resources Manager. (HR) A Human Resources Manager ensures that companies can recruit, train, compensate, and advance their most-precious assets: their employees. A successful Human Resources Manager wears a number of organizational hats. They are responsible for guiding and directing employees to tools and resources they need to effectively do their jobs, develop their skills, and manage their careers. Human Resource Managers develops and implements personnel rules and regulations, and interprets and administers Human Resources-related provisions of collective bargaining agreements. Represents Human Resources Department at a variety of meetings and advises the Human Resources Director in alternative courses of action in Human Resources issues. Presents written and oral reports on a wide variety of Human Resources related issues. HR (Managers) may participate in labor negotiations and or recommend preliminary proposals including cost implementation projections.HR (Managers) participate in recruiting, placing ads, setting up interviews, screening applicants, and advising job candidates about company pay, vacations, health care benefits, investments, and retirement packages. You do need some kind of certification or degree to work as an HR (Manager). However, it depends on the requirements of the company. Some companies may or may not require a certificate or degree. There is also no exam required. A background in business administration, staff development, organizational structure, and performance appraisal can be a key consideration for advancement into HR leadership and management. Seeking an MBA degree and or certifications in psychology, communications, union relations, labor law, and collective bargaining can also strengthen qualifications for a HR (Managers). Computer aptitude and training in business software and word processing is also essential. There are many positive aspects...
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