Human Resources Requirements

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Human Resources Requirements

David Loggins


June 17, 2013

Ezam Mohammed

HR Requirements

Riordan is a global plastics manufacturer (Apollo group Inc., 2012). Riordan with its three locations including United States and China is currently having Financial Management System (FMS) communication difficulties between the locations. The corporate office needs figure out the needs of the Human Resources department and make sure IT has the correct operations to support those needs.

Human Resources is one of the most important departments in any organization. It controls and selects the proper individuals to work for any organization. It also is takes with making sure that the employees are trained to fit in a company’s culture. The main purpose of HRM is to enable organizations to anticipate their future needs and identify the practices to help them identify those needs. HR planning can be done in two different ways. It can be decided to plan on a long term basis which is considered to be 3 or more years or on a short term basis which would be 3 years or less. Its goals are to make sure that it has employees with the appropriate skills and characteristics when the company needs them. Human Resources departments with lower turnover rates are considered more successful then companies with higher turnover rates. The cost to train new employees can be expensive so it’s best to make sure it screens and selects the best people for the organizations jobs. The HR department doesn’t want to be forced to recruit and hire people at the last minute because it may fail to hire the best possible person for that position. So a good HR department always properly plans for events that may occur within an organization. For example, what is an employee is called for a random drug test and the test comes back positive. The employee has to be terminated based on corporate policies. It’s HR’s job the fill that position as soon as...

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