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In (1) Background heading I have given a brief description about the Healadiwa Financial Services PLC. In (2) I have discussed Current HR practices in HFS and its impact on present business activities. In (3) under the heading "my three months action plan" I have disclosed my next three months action plan to take the Company on right track. In (4) I have given a introduction to my entire work.

In (5) I have indentified areas where improvement is necessary and given three suggestions to the management in order to improve the overall quality of business activities in HFS. In (6) under the sub heading Demographic Composition . I have discussed the information to be collected about employees and based on them future assessment procedure of employees. In (7) I have discussed the productivity and efficiency of the staff

in (8) Conclusion of the work I have summerized the full report.

In (9) Recommendations made to the management.



2. Current HR practices in HFS and its impact on business
2.1 Staff Promotions
2.2 Employees' Contributions
2.3 Non Financial Incentives
2.4 Dynamic Employees
2.5 Conservative Employees
2.6 Recognition
2.7 Designations
2.8 Opportunities for advancement
2.9 Participation in decision-making
2.10 Job rotation
2.11 Healthy Competition
2.12 Financial Rewards
2.13 Non-financial incentives
5.1 Suggestion One:
5.2 Suggestion Two:
5.3 Suggestion Three:
7.1 Employee Satisfaction
7.2 Objective
7.3 Role of HR department
7.4 Present Scenario
7.5 Successful Organizations
7.6 Responsibility of HR Department
7.7 Today's Organizations
7.8 Business Plan
7.9 Cost Reduction
7.10 Work Environment
7.11 Customer Service
7.12 Employee Growth Opportunities
7.13 Effective Organization
7.14 Overall Success
7.15 Survival
7.16 Employees Skills
7.17 Energy levels

I take this opportunity to sincerely thank the Management of Heladiwa Financial Services PLC which appointed me as the Head of Human Resources department in this organization and giving me the opportunity for preparing this report. I also take this opportunity to express my sincere gratitude to all Executives and staff members of HFS who have supported me in this endeavour. Finally I thank all who helped me in various ways but I regret my inability to identify them by their individual names. Sincerely,

As many of the scientists were in a question, how to improve employee job satisfaction by designing their jobs properly. I found that it was very interesting to find out the relationship between the two concept; job designing and employee job satisfaction. I attempted to use multiple methodologies such as background information gathering, questionnaire survey, personal interviews and literature survey. Background information about individual Financial Institutions was obtained through interviews, Annual Reports and web sites. With the knowledge of existing limitations, the questionnaires were developed by me to measure the actual uses of Job enrichment, job re-engineering, job rotation and job satisfaction and various techniques used in a job design exercise toward employee satisfaction. The questionnaires consisted of structured and semi-structured questions. I categorized the questionnaire outcome and observed the relationship between Job designing and employee level of satisfaction by using the Mean & Standard Deviation. The results were used to give a proper conclusion in this report. 1. Background

Heladiwa Financial Services PLC (HFS) has been incorporated in the year 1965 as a limited liability Company in Sri Lanka. The company...

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