Human Resources Management: Review and Discussion Questions

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Chapter 1
Review and Discussion
1.Describe the transformation that HRM is currently undergoing. Human Resources Management is currently undergoing a transformation from a more operational focus to spending more time on strategy. This focus is allowing them to focus more on the future of the company, being proactive on what their needs will be and establishing protocols that will help them be prepared for any external event. 2.Describe the role of HR in strategy formulation and strategy implementation HR is now beginning to play a huge role in strategy formulation and implementation by making sure the organization is staffed with the most effective human capital to achieve its strategic goals. This role requires HR to identify and analyze external opportunities and threats and to also be the change agents in an organization as well. 3.Describe how the external environment influences HR

The external environment can influence HR’s future plans by constricting its budget and therefore can affect the employer’s ability to pay wages and provide benefits. Environmental factors include economic conditions, labour market issues, government, technology, and globalization. •Economic conditions affect supply and demand for products and services. •Labour market issues include workforce diversity, as well as workforce demographics (aging, training, etc.). •Government issues include human rights, employment standards, labour relations, health and safety and workers compensation. •Technology issues include handling social media and the integration of newer technology within the organization. •Globalization issues include one global market and legal issues across borders. •Environment issues include recognizing growing markets and environmental obligations

4.Differentiate between organizational culture and organizational climate. Organizational culture is the core values, beliefs, and assumptions that are widely shared by members of an organization. Organizational climate is the prevailing atmosphere that exists in an organization and its impact on employees. 5.Describe the multiple jurisdictions related to employment legislation affecting HRM in Canada. Canada’s legal system is separated into provincial territories with different laws guiding each province. 6.Describe scientific management and explain its impact on organizations. Scientific management is the process of scientifically manufacturing processes, reducing production costs, and compensating employees based on their performance levels. 7.Explain why HRM is a profession.

HR is a profession because it falls under the characteristics of a profession. 1.A common body of knowledge
2.Benchmarked performance standards
3.A representative professional association
4.An external perception as a profession

1.Define HRM and analyze the strategic significance of HRM. HRM is Human Resources Management and the strategic significance of HRM is that it helps staff the organization with the most effective human capital to achieve its strategic goals. 2.Describe two categories of activities required of HR Managers and discuss examples of each. HR can be separated into two categories. The first is the traditional operational (administrative) category, where HR hires and maintains employees and then manages employee separations. The second is the strategic, where HR is focused on staffing the organization with the most effective human capital (strategic partners and change agents). 3.Discuss the internal and external environmental factors affecting HRM policies and practices and explain their impact. Internal factors:

Organizational culture – values, beliefs, and assumptions •Organizational climate – prevailing atmosphere
External Factors:
Labour market

4.Describe the three stages in the evolution of HRM
Three stages are:
1.Scientific management
2.Human relations movement
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