Human Resources Management Practices in Bangladesh Bank

Topics: Human resource management, Central banks, Human resources Pages: 98 (19244 words) Published: June 10, 2013
1) Statement of the Research Problem:

Human Resource Management practices in Bangladesh Bank including Human Resource planning, Recruitment & Selection, Training & Development, Performance Appraisal, Compensation System, Transfer, Promotion, Demotion/Termination and Labor Relations with Analysis, Findings and Recommendations.

2) Origin of the study:

There exists huge difference between theoretical knowledge and practical knowledge. This report is an outcome of practical study. As a part and parcel of my MBA Program, Internship for three months in an organization has expanded my area of knowledge. This sophisticated program launched by Business faculty with an aim to introduce students with practical experiences that will enhance student’s skills in real and competitive environment. To gather and analyze information on Human Resource practices of Bangladesh Bank, I have attended a three month Internship program at Motijheel branch (Head Office) of Bangladesh Bank with the approval of HRD concerned from 16/10/2005 to 17/01/2006. In our regular program hundreds of theoretical problems I face, not a real one. It is an opportunity to handle practical experience and build up a career. During the Internship program, I have been co-operated with the management personnel (Officer, AD, and DD) of Bangladesh Bank. I hope this report would able to portray the real picture of the operation of HRD of Bangladesh Bank. My efforts will be meaningful if this report serves the purpose effectively. 3) Objectives of the Study:

The objective of the internship program is to help the graduating students comprehend how the theoretical knowledge obtained in the degree program can be applied in practice by being affiliated with a real life business organization as an intern. The internship experience is meant to serve as a bridge between the theoretical learning of students and the practical application of the same. The objectives of the study are categorized as below:

a) General:

The main objective of the study is to understand overall Human Resource Management practices in Bangladesh Bank.

b) Specific:

Besides the specific objectives are as follows:
➢ To identify Human Resource planning, recruitment and selection, training and development, performance appraisal, compensation, benefits, promotion and transfer system of Human Resource Department of Bangladesh Bank. ➢ To have an experience of the banking environment of Bangladesh. ➢ To know the banking manuals of Bangladesh Bank. ➢ To know the reconciliation between banking rules and regulations and their implementation. ➢ To compare the current Human Resource Practices with international standard. ➢ To evaluate the Human Resource performance of Bangladesh Bank. ➢ To identify Human Resource problems of Bangladesh Bank. ➢ To Comment on the existing system and suggestions for improvement. ➢ To learn about the consequence of Human Resource practices on the performance of Bangladesh Bank.

4) Methodology of the Study:

In order to conduct such a study the report prepares must follows some specific methods. This report is based on an empirical method, which is stated hereafter. All the relevant data are collected in two ways- these are in the following:

1. Primary Sources:

Primary data are collected by face to face interview with different office personals such as Deputy Director, Assistant Director, Officer of HRD in Bangladesh Bank and official record of related section of Bangladesh Bank.

2. Secondary Sources:

Secondary data are collected through different office documents, annual report, leaflet, prospectus, Govt. order, printed copies of policies of HRD in Bangladesh Bank, different Human Resource Management books and Bangladesh Bank Website.

5) Limitations of the Study:

In preparing this internship...
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