Human Resources Management Plan and Job Aids

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Human resources management plan and job aids Axia College, University of Phoenix Table of Contents Executive Summary Job Analysis Selection Process New Employee Orientation Training Development Plan References Attachments: Interview Questions Script for New Employee Orientation Human Resources Management Plan and Job Aids Executive Summary HR assistance plan and aids are directly related to an accounting company's strategic plan in the sense that it helps the employees of an accounting firm to cope with stress and personal/ workplace problems, thereby boosting their morale and motivation levels and helping such employees to raise their productivity and efficiency levels. Such assistance plan also helps in reducing employee turnover and absenteeism and secures the loyalty of the employees towards the organization. All these factors, in turn, help the organization in building a healthy, well motivated and loyal workforce which is key strategic goal for any business entity. The accounting firm can strategically use its assistance plan and aids to solve a wide range of HR issues, occupational safety and health standards and practices; the promotion of health and physical fitness, medical exams, and the treatment of minor health issues, such as first aid; plant security; publications; food service and recreation activities; car pooling and other available transportation incentives, such as transit subsidies; employee suggestion systems; child and elder care; and counseling services. Thus, it helps the management to focus on attaining business goals, without worrying too much about the employee’s motivation and well-being. The employee assistance plan provided by the Human Resources to Media Specialist is closely linked to the organization's overall strategic plan. HR assistance plan for the employees, known as Employee Assistance Plan or EAP include activities like assessment, short-term counseling, and so forth. They are designed help employees deal with personal problems that might adversely affect their work performance, health, and well-being. In other words, the main role of such assistance plans is to provide peace of mind to the employees, thereby allowing them to concentrate in their work in a better manner. This, in turn, directly benefits the organization in terms of improved employee morale and motivation levels, low rate of absenteeism and improved productivity and efficiency. By providing solutions to the employee's problems and assisting them in their professional and personal matters, organizations help in the overall development of the employee and secure his/ her loyalty towards the organization. JOB ANALYSIS Job analysis can help to raise production in the work place since it breaks apart and explains what each person’s job title is and explains what the management is expecting in a certain location in the workplace. If someone is not meeting the required needs, then it would pin point the person who needs possible additional training or some other help. The job analysis helps Human Resources determine what they are looking for as far as future employment and they are place in the position they qualify for and are expected to know what to do. Job Descriptions identify what person is qualified for what position. Job analysis helps to guide the employee team formation because everyone has to go by a certain job report and it will filter out all the employees that are not holding up their end of the bargain as far as what they need to do on job. Over all the Job analysis will make a more productive and organized business/workplace. JOB STATUS: Full Time ADDRESS OF WORKSITE 1820 Upper Mill Creek Rd Leburn, Ky 41822 CONTACT’S NAME: Kristen Thacker *EMPLOYER JOB* TITLE: Financial Accounting Clerk WORK HOURS Seven hours a day, four days a week with two 15 minute breaks and one 60-minute lunch per shift. OVERTIME Required on an as needed basis...

References: BNET Editorial. (N.D.). Conducting One-on-One Employment Interviews. Retrieved on September 28, 2008, from Bohlander, G., & Snell, S. (2007). Managing Human Resources (4th ed.). Cincinnati: South-Western College Pub. Is interview a right method of testing an applicant qualities and skills? Retrieved October 10, 2008, from Puthran, S. (2007). Telephonic Interviews What People look for. Management Accounting. Retrieved October 10, 2008, from Attachment 1 Interview Questions What is your full name? Is there a name you would prefer to be called? Are you a strong leader? How do you feel about your supervisor giving you direction? If we contacted your supervisor, what would he or she say your weaknesses are? How well do you handle criticism? How well do you work as a team? What makes you a good team player? What distinctive skills can you contribute to our company? 10.Give me an example on how you have used that skill to solve a problem. 11.If I gave you this position, how long would it take for you to expect a promotion? 12.What is your current salary? 13.How well do you work under stress? 14.How does your experience qualify you for the position? 15.Why are you leaving your current employer? 16.What are your strengths? 17.What are your weaknesses? 18.What are things that motivate you? 19.What would you say is your greatest accomplishment? 20.Why should we hire you? 21.What do you know about our company? 22.Why have you chosen Accounting for your career? 23.What part of Accounting do you dislike the most? 24.What Accounting applications do you have experience with? 25.Give me an example of different Accounting reports that you have put together. 26.What kind of experience have you had in creating cost statements? 27.How would you deal with an irate client about missing money? 28.Give me an example of your capability to bargain. 29.What is the most important quality you can contribute to our company? 30.What salary would you expect for this position? Attachment 2 New Employee Orientation Script We in HR, believe that it is imperative to concentrate on some perceptive concerns throughout your early employment with our corporation. In our business, we are not only national but also global and we are aware that certain issues may arise and it can cause challenges when dealing with accounts abroad. Some may include;
1) Multiple aspects of culture,
2) International laws, customs,
3) Language translations and other aspects to run the smooth operations smoothly.
4) Conflicting expectations
5) Cultural barrier
6) Expatriate management
7) Training and orientation challenges
8) Recruitment and selection challenges
As it has been described the customs, values and laws within the countries are different from each other and those of the United States. Therefore, these aspects such as understanding the country, the culture in each nation and other specific aspects is crucial to run the operations smoothly by hiring suitable personnel according to their preferences such as wants, needs, values or religious beliefs can assist in profitable sales and international image. I know we can count on you to comply with the challenges without bias and I know that you will converse with other employees with the most respect. We want to end with saying welcome to our corporation and we hope that you find our company to be both rewarding and comfortable.
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