Human Resources Management: First Semester EMBA, MBA

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Subject : Human Resources Management

Attend any 4 questions. Each question carries 25 marks
(Each answer should be of minimum 2 pages / of 300 words)

1. Describe the different forms of Worker Involvement in Quality Circle. Quality Circles: Quality Circles on the other hand have a much more limited and utilitarian scope. Unlike the autonomous work groups, Quality Circles rarely, if ever, involve themselves in work redesign. As the name suggests, the focus is on improving quality and cutting costs of specific products or methods. Although these circles are generally management inspired, worker membership is voluntary. In these circles Managers and workers of a particular shop or department together identify, study and provide solutions to specific problems. Here too, workers do participate in a wide range of issues affecting their task performance.

Since both these forums limit themselves to their work stations, they do not involve themselves beyond the realm of their own shop. Neither of these forums deals with issues going beyond production or product quality. It is therefore best to call the autonomous work groups and Quality Circles as employee involvement programs rather than as structures allowing worker’s participation in Management.

Quality circle is not a forum for wage negotiations, grievance settlement or discussion of welfare measures. They should initially concern about matters like wastage of materials, housekeeping problems, space shortage, cleanliness problems, delays, hold-ups, inadequate training, inadequate job instructions, quality, productivity, energy consumption, material handling, environmental problems, safety etc.

Objectives of Quality circles
1. To improve quality, productivity, safety and cost reduction. 2. To offer opportunities to the employees to use their wisdom and creativity. 3. To develop team spirit, cohesive culture among different levels and section of the workers. 4. To improve self and mutual development including leadership quality 5. To fulfill the self esteem and motivational needs of the employees 6. To improve the life of the employees.

Benefits of Quality circle
1. Through the forums of quality circle, the age old problem of industries putting several kinds of hurdles in work get readily settled with the help of employees of the industry. 2. A growing organization can always undertake difficult and challenging assignments for its growth and profit with the active help of the capable work force. 3. With more and more experience gained by the employees they undertake more challenging projects as cost reduction, material handling, quality improvement, preventing wastage, improving inspection and test methods, preventing accidents, improving design and process etc. 4. Cost reduction

5. Increased productivity
6. Improved quality
7. Better communication
8. Better house keeping
9. Increased team work
10. Smooth team work
11. Better mutual trust
12. Greater sense of belonging
13. Increased safety
14. Better human relations.

Salient features of Quality Circles
1. To make Quality circle a voluntary work.
2. To promote cohesive work group.
3. To choose those projects for which necessary expertise is available. 4. Working of Quality circles needs constant valuation for improved performance. 5. For the operation of Quality circle regular education and training are essential. 6. The gains of Quality circle are to be published.

7. Quality circle gains should be taken as rewards rather than expecting financial rewards. 8. To ensure the involvement up to middle level.

2. What are the benefits of an MBO Programme? Explain.
MBO is potentially a powerful philosophy of managing in an effective way for operationalizing the evaluation process. It seeks to minimize external controls and maximize internal motivation through joint goal setting...
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