Human Resources Management at Apple Inc

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4.2 Human Resources Management
Human Resources of Apple Inc is responsible for recruiting the most talented people in the world, helping them develop new skills, and supporting them throughout their careers. Usually, Apple follows selective hiring practices to recruit and hire talented individuals. Human resources division will go through three mainly activities to recruit talented people which are planning, recruitment, and employee selection. Human resources will analyze and planning that the skill sets they require of these employees and number of needing or lacking personnel in departments. Afterwards, HR will identify the important tasks, knowledge and skill that need to be emphasized through the job postings, job referrals, advertisements, college campus recruitment, etc. Lastly, HR wills assessing whether the skill, knowledge and ability of candidates are fulfilling to the requirement. For example, Apple’s HR believed that can hire top software engineer through this process to create quality product and staff planning as well. On the other hand, Apple’s HR engage directly with workers to teach them new skills and managers are trained on their responsibilities under the Supplier Code of Conduct. Training can be improve the efficiency of staff productivity through a variety of approaches by Apple’s HR, such as classroom training, e-learning, and professional conferences that are educational or instructional in nature. For example, the service personnel understand more about apple new product or communication skills through the classroom training, thereby able to provide good services to customers and increase sales to company.

4.4 Procurement
In this activities concerns how resources are acquired for a business such as sourcing and negotiating with materials suppliers. In order to create positive relationship with suppliers, Apple has been adopting a strictly supplier code of ethics. First of all, Apple requires each of its suppliers to meet...
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