Human Resources Management

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Textbook: Human Resources Management 13th edition by Robert L. Mathis Avoid Plagiarism
Chapter 1
1. In your own words, give the definition of Human Resource Management. 2. What is Human Capital?  What is Core Competency?
3. In your own words, define “organizational culture” and its affect on employee engagement. 4. Why is an organization’s social responsibility important to HR? 5. HR has three main roles:  Administrative, Operational and Strategic. Give one example of an HR activity in each category. Chapter 2

6.  In your own words, define the role of Human Resource Management in Strategic Planning and how it links to an organizational Mission. 7. In a SWOT analysis, list at least one Strength, Weakness, Opportunity and Threat that currently affect Human Resources. 8. In your own words, in a global HR setting, define cultural compatibility.   9. List the four ways that workforce reduction can occur (managing talent surplus).        10. Give two reasons why HR may recommend monitoring employee email. Chapter 3

11. Affirmative Action , is it still needed?
Note to students:  Civil Rights & Discrimination is a sensitive topic.  Please be courteous, respectful and professional when sharing your opinions. Create a THREAD, Review the difference between EEO and Affirmative Action.  Share your opinion as to the need for Affirmative Action in today’s workplace (not EEO as most students generally support this concept). Choose a position, either PRO or CON on Affirmative Action and give your reasons. Take a position on either side (if you notice all the postings are on one side, take the other side  so we have balance in the class). Support your position with data from the text or your own personal observations.(250 word minimum)

12. Visit the EEOC statistics page at  Review the statistics of discrimination complaints over the last 15 years.  Create a THREAD and give your personal...
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