Human Resources Management

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Post Graduate Diploma in Logistics and Supply Chain Management

AUSM62 Human Resource Management

STUDENT NAME: Ezhumalai Muralidharan


LECTURER: Aneetha Sundram


Declaration of originality

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Task 1:6

Significant changes in Human Resources Management:6

1.1 Employee Recruitment and Selecting Process:6

1.2 Organization Develop Method:7

1.2.1 Business Globalization and Outsourcing:7

1.3 Information Technology:8

1.4 Compensation and Benefits:9

1.4.1 Guaranteed Pay9

1.4.2 Variable Pay9

1.4.3 Benefits9

1.4.4 Equity Based Compensation9

1.5 Legislation Changes:10

TASK 2:10

Q1. What is the most compelling work in HR today?10

Q2. What skills/experience is necessary for the effective HR expert today?11

Q3. Within the next several years, what are the main workplace problems and difficulties experiencing the HR profession?12

Q4. Will the way in which HR perform is achieved modify considerably in the next decade?12

Q5. What are the possibilities for forward-thinking experts over the next few years?13

Q6. Will the HR profession continue in the next decade? If not, how will it be replaced?13

Q7. What are the signs (e.g., financial, technical, political, environmental) that assistance your company's vision?13

Q8. How will outsourcing play a role later on of HR?14

TASK 3:14

3.1 On Handling Talent People:15

3.2 Improve Leadership Development:15

3.3 Demographics:16

3.4 Accountability and Behavioral Issues:17

3.5 Local Competition:18

Regional Manufacturing/Industry:18

Small Business / Service Industry18

Aging local population18



Human Resource Management is the management for an organization workforce or human resources. Human resource management is taking responsible for employee selection, employee training, and assessment for an organization.

Based on the company, a human resources job can include everything from hiring to training to compensation, or it can focus on a single human resources specialized. A small organization may have just one human resources manager. In large organizations, human resources management responsibilities are separated among several areas, including employment and placement; compensation and benefits; recruitment; labor relations; and training and development

Human resource management has changed in name variously in its history. Humana resource management was calling as Industrial welfare. Industrial welfare is the first form to Human resource management. The year of 1833 all the factories act stated that should be a male factory inspector later a rule passed for children and women workers. The rule regulated 60 hours per week to children and women workers. Industrial welfare formed as Trade union. The trade union was held first conference in 1868. Later trade union called as human resources management. Further the Human resources cover the training and development for an organization. Now the human resources training and development are...

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