Human Resources Job Analysis Paper

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Job analysis is the process by which the human resource department determines the complexities of a particular job in terms of: functions, tasks and responsibilities of the person who would man a particular job. It is will also indicate the relation of one job with another job, whom the person occupying it would report, as well as the machineries and equipment utilized or handled by the person in order to perform a particular job. It will also indicate the skills and competencies required of a person to perform his function. There are two outputs of job analysis – job description and job specification. Job description includes the functions, responsibilities and duties of the person who occupies the job as well as: whom he must report and the machineries and equipment he handles to perform his job. Job specification indicates the minimum qualification of a person who must occupy a particular job.

Job analysis is important in ensuring that there is a match between the requirements of the job and the qualifications of the person who will occupy the job. With a match, a more productive, motivated and committed employee would be ensured.

Factors to consider in leadership succession
1. Management training. The company must be ready any that a need for leadership succession arises. Leadership succession oftentimes arises as a result of: promotion of the supervisor or manager concerned, retirement, or resignation. Before the said incident arises, people to replace them must have been trained in order avoid management crisis. 2. Job analysis outputs. These must be considered in determining the right person who would succeed a manager/supervisor. 3. Performance ratings. A track record of performance of potential employees must be considered to determine the right person who would replace a manager/supervisor. These must include both quantitative and qualitative (attitude,...

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