Human Resources For Health Care Managers HA 530 Unit 3

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Compensation and Benefits Options Within The Healthcare Industry Kaplan University

The Human Resource Department is one of the most significant areas inside a business. Their job functions consist of providing effective policies and procedures, administrative duties, and staffing; In addition, HR must ensure the company’s vision, mission, and values are being followed by other departments in the organization. Within the HR department there are important positions such as a Human Resource Generalist, a Human Resource Director, a Human Resource Manager, and a Human Resource Assistant. Each position is responsible for helping the organization achieve its goal and mission. The HR department work with others, including hiring managers. Hiring managers are the employees requesting new positions to be filled. Additionally, they are the head of the employee selection team when recruiting. Hiring managers are very critical in the recruiting process because they are responsible for interviewing and filling open positions with the best candidates. The positions must be filled through the organization's hiring process. Compensation and benefits are key factors in the hiring process. In this paper I will discuss the compensation and benefits options within the healthcare Industry. In addition, I will discuss an interview I conducted with a manager who did not have a compensation specialist in their healthcare setting.

Compensation and Benefits Options within the Healthcare Industry Compensation and Benefits are two key factors in the hiring process. Compensation and Benefits can include monetary and non-monetary components such as base salary, annual incentives, retirement plans, health insurance, vacation, merit, long-term incentive pay. The Human Resource departments use these components as a competitive strategy; In addition, they use these components to attract the top candidates for their company. Employees’ drive a company’s performance, so company’s must ensure employees are being compensated for their hard work if they wish to have a positive output. Employees tend to feel motivated to help their company reach its vision if they feel they are being valued by their employer. This can consist of bonuses, raises, or high base salary. Human Resources should always have an understanding of compensation and employment laws to keep from having legal issues. According to Johnson (2008), “The compensation packages a business offers to employees affects the company’s recruitment rate, retention rate and employee satisfaction. Several federal laws affect the compensation that businesses offer. A business owner should understand the importance of compensation and the prevailing laws to remain competitive in the market”. (para. 1). The Human Resource Department work with Hiring managers when recruiting for job openings; In addition, the HR department work with hiring managers to determine compensation for the position and negotiating the details of the new employee accepting and beginning the job. Due to the many laws that regulate compensation and wages, hiring managers and the HR department must always be sure their organization is staying in compliance. Companies that do not comply with the compensation and wage laws can face penalties.

I decided to conduct my interview at North Dallas Surgicare. The healthcare facility is owned by Dr. Harvey Carter, a practicing ophthalmologist doctor. His job consists of diagnosing patients and treating diseases, injuries, or trauma of the eye such as glaucoma or cataracts. Inside the facility included a staff of 20 along with the different rooms set up for each patient’s needs such as the waiting area, the surgery room, the eye exam room, the supply room, and the offices for staff. The person I conducted my interview with was the office manager. Her job...

References: Johnson, R. (2008). Importance of Compensation in the Workplace. Retrieved from
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