Human Resources Development in China

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The constant changing in Human Resources (HR) causes the biggest challenge in China. Laws and regulations change continuously making the legal environment a challenge for HR to sustain. In China loyalty, ethicalness, and social standings are differences HR management deals with involving foreign companies. Loyalty is everything thus when becoming employed with a business Chinese plan to work there for a lifetime. Chinese also want to become loyal to their company by feeling more personal with individuals they work with. Some ethicalness involved in China is no references or background checks, employing as many people as possible, maintain successful, happy, employees and dealing with the lack of talent. Reaction

After watching the video HR Challenges in China there are multiple foreign differences. One difference that was addressed but not discussed was responsibility and accountability. According to Expertise in Labor Mobility (2011) Chinese’s are given less tasks and held less personally accountable but rather judged based on groups. American’s also stand out on an individual bases whereas Chinese are opposite. Loyalty is linked with making the perception of time. To know an individual on a personal base it takes more time which American’s value. Connection to HR

As if HR management is not relied enough on in the USA, in foreign countries HR is the reason for successful businesses. To run a successful business anywhere in the world companies must obtain happy, successful employees. This is done by knowing the correct business practices in foreign countries while performing HR tasks. Major tasks that HR is involved in are hiring and dismissal of employees. In foreign countries HR’s laws and regulations along with ethical practices must be obeyed. Running a successful business relies heavily upon HR management. In China many unique challenges are involved in Human Resource management.
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