Human Resources Activities

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The important human resources services common to many businesses are

Employment is the one area most people associate with human resources management. The employment function of human resources involves all activities required to maintain an adequate number of qualified employees in the company. Employment activities include determining the need to hire employees, recruiting applicants, determining the qualifications of applicants, and hiring the most qualified applicants to fill the available jobs. In addition, transfers, promotions, retirements, dismissals, and other job changes are part of the employment function.

Companies cannot continue to compete effectively if employees’ skills are the same today as they were the day they were hired. Employees must improve their skills and learn new ones on the job. The role of human resources in performance improvement involves training and educating employees to ensure high quality and efficient work. Often the human resources department plans and manages performance improvement programs in cooperation with managers and individual employees. Most businesses conduct several types of training and education programs. Once hired, employees receive an orientation to the company and initial training to make sure they are successful in the new job. Then, as equipment or procedures change, the company must prepare employees for those changes. Finally, when evaluations indicate that an employee is not performing as well as expected, the company provides support to improve the employee’s performance so that it does not result in poor-quality products or customer service. Employees may be promoted or transferred to a new job in the company. Part of the process of preparing employees for possible promotions or moving current employees to new jobs is a continuing education and training program. Many companies also allow employees to participate in...
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