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Resource Management
Human Resources Management

Human Resource Management
The human element is the most valuable asset in the Air Force and it takes precision people to get the job finished day in and day out. The thousands of individuals in their specific jobs are required to keep the Air Force functioning. Not everyone is suited for each type of job though, depending on various dynamics during the recruitment process in the human resource process, each individual is rated and their occupation is decided on the aptitude each person possesses. The Air Force human resources department starts with the recruiting of individuals into the military; which essentially means that the process starts at the local recruiting office. The many factors that go into Human Resources for the Air Force abide by the regulations set by our government and they cover all of the key aspects that pertain to Human Resource Management.

The recruitment process is identifying and attracting qualified talent for organizational jobs in a timely and effective manner. (Youssef, 2012) Recruiting for the military in general can be compared to a normal selection process in society. Linking recruitment to the strategic HRM process is critical to the success of an organization: it ensures that the recruitment process is aligned with organizational strategies. (Youssef, 2012)  The goals of a selection process may vary, but the core goal that needs to be achieved is ensuring candidates are selected that have the highest chance of meeting or exceeding the organizations standard of performance.  Performance may be associated with quality of output, absenteeism, theft, employee satisfaction, and career development. 

Individuals are recruited from many different places, whether the potential recruit is still in school or a self-elect themselves and arrive to a recruiting office themselves. The concept is to find certain people who have their own motivation to join the military. Basically, the military will take anyone who qualifies for duty and meets certain criteria such as having a High School diploma and being healthy with no previous medical problems. If they cannot meet the standard then they cannot enter the military. The reason behind meeting the standard is because the military would essentially view the person as a liability and not an asset.

The Air Force uses a point system for their recruitment process; which helps determine where the member will fall in the rating scale. This is based upon multiple factors varying of education, experience, complexity of job, relationships with others, and working conditions. The other three branches of military will accept a GED, but the Air Force is the only branch that requires a High school diploma to enter service.  If an individual has completed some college and attempts to join the military, if accepted the potential recruit will rewarded with a higher rank when you first join for a four year service agreement.  Experience and past performance can be related to taking the ASVAB test to qualify the individual for a certain occupation. Physical characteristics are considered on a height/weight ratio scale, which can prevent an individual from joining if they are considered overweight or underweight.  Lastly personal characteristics can be disqualifying factor, if the individual is a single parent; the military may deem it to be a conflict of interest.

Affirmative action and Equal Employment Opportunities (EEO) operate hand and hand in the military, there is a zero tolerance policy on discrimination and is not tolerated. They work together by keeping discrimination out of the Air Force by updating new in the event that unpredicted problems arrive. While selection may be narrow and some may not qualify for the Air Force because of their policies, there is never discrimination against someone for their race, sex, religion or beliefs. These policies hold true...
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