Human Resources

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Human Resource Management
Job Analysis Assignment
Due: 11.11.2011

Table of Contents
1. Introduction4
2. Job Analysis Process6
2.1. Job analysis6
2.2. Work-flow Design6
2.3. Work-flow Design for the position of a Service Assistant at Coles Supermarkets7
2.4 Job Design8
3. Job Description9
3.1 Tasks9
3.2 Responsibilities9
3.3 Behavioural competencies10
3.4 Job Specification10
4. Performance Management11
4.1 The performance management system11
4.2 Approaches to measuring performance12
5. Conclusion13
6. References14

1. Introduction
Kramar (2010, p4) states, ‘human resource management refers to the policies, practices and systems that influence employees’ behavior, attitudes and performance.’ The Coles supermarket chains are working towards managing their staff performance and human resource department in a strategic manner to continue to be one of the leading Australian food retail outlets. Strategic human resource management is ‘the pattern of planned HR deployments and activities intended to enable an organisation to achieve its goals (Kramar, 2010, p4).’ Coles is an Australian supermarket chain that was founded by George J Coles, in 1914. The first store was a Coles Variety store located in Melbourne. The first Coles Supermarket was opened in Victoria in 1960. By 1973 every Australian capital city had a Coles Supermarket. In 1991 the stores were rebranded from ‘Coles New World’ to ‘Coles Supermarket’ and in 1998 the company name became just ‘Coles’. BI-LO is also a part of the Coles group and in 2006 a majority of the BI-LO stores changed to Coles Supermarkets. In early 2008 Wesfarmers purchased Coles for $22 billion and began a restructuring process. Recently Coles has started selling private labeled clothing within their 741 stores nationally. “Today Coles is a leader in Australian food retailing, with more than 100,000 employees and over 11 million customer transactions a week (Coles, 2011)”. Coles strives to be the best Supermarket in Australia and to do this they need to have a strong human resource division that will concentrate on managing its staff in an effective manner. Goal:

“To give the people of Australia a shop they trust, delivering quality, service and value (Coles Careers, 2011).” Values:
* “Our customers come first – always!
* We support each other to get things done.
* We take pride in the service we provide.
* We constantly strive to do better (Coles Careers, 2011)”.

The Coles supermarket chain is one of the largest chains in Australia with many career opportunities within each of the stores. Each store has a Human Resource manager who is responsible for hiring and training staff for all of the different position in each department. The role also relies on an ability to recognize potential quality and experience in future employees. One of the roles within each of the stores is a service assistant role. This is an important role for the business as the customer has the most contact with this person. This position holds the key to the complete customer experience. This experience must be pleasurable and memorable for the customer, therefore Coles focuses a lot on training these personal to give the customer the best experience. This essay will analyze the roles and tasks that a customer service assistant needs to undertake. It will also discuss how the business manages staff performance to maximise efficiency and provide contextual information on job analysis, job design, work-flow design and performance management. Source: Coles Supermarkets, 2011

2. Job Analysis Process
2.1. Job analysis
The Kramar (2010, p177), states that ’job analysis is ‘the process of getting detailed information about jobs’. It includes work design, human resource planning, selection, employee learning and development, performance management, career planning and job evaluation. When designing a job analysis process there are two types of...

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