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February 17, 2013

College students are considering making human resources their profession when they finish college, we will explain how Human Resources has change in the past ten years, and focus on skills that is required for working in the HR department. Explain the difference between HR Assistance and HR Generalist.

The graduate students who are considering making their profession in human resources must understand how human resources professional work and the changes that has taken place within the system. Human resources are part of an organization where employees have issues with sexual harassment, problems with coworkers which have made big improvements in the course of ten year. The people who work for these departments are generally here to assist in solving problems that is related to work issues. One issue that seems to arise in the work place is sexual harassment and that is when an employee makes unwanted or unwarranted passes to another employee. When an employee brings forth a report of sexual harassment to the department of human resources, it is their responsibility to investigate the allegations and enroll them in a course to monitor their behavior. This would be one of the effected ways to deal with the situation of an employee who feels that they must make lewd to unwanted advances to the other employees, (HR Services, N/A). The people who work for the Human resource department must continue to increase good behavior between the employee and it may come to the point that maybe both parties may need counseling to resolve their issues so they can continue to work in a peaceful environment. Sometimes attending an anger management class will help with situation that one is feeling. Human resource department has introduced many new methods when is concerns the employees and their department with in the past ten...
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