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A Human Resource Information System is a systematic procedure for collecting, storing, maintaining, retrieving, and validating data needed by an organization about its human resources, personnel activities, and organization unit characteristics. In today’s organizations Human Resource is considered as one of the key resources of business organizations. The transaction processing layer of MIS in human resource function deals with routine activities like attendance recording and payroll calculations. The operational level activities also include maintaining the employee records which is used as a basis for strategic layers. With the growing importance of human resource management and increasing size of the organizations, maintenance of employee related data and generating appropriate reports are the crucial aspects of any organization. Therefore more and more organizations are adopting computer based human resource management systems (HRMS). This paper is an attempt to highlights the role of information systems in Human Resource Management and show how it helps in taking management decisions related to management function especially for the top management. An HRIS need not be complex or even computerized. This assignment will review the major components of a Human Resource Information System (HRIS). In every case the purpose is to provide information that is either required by human resource stakeholders or supports human resource decisions.

1. Introduction:
HRIS is an effective and efficient catalyst for integrating human resource management and Information Technology. This was common with all the various definitions of HRIS. The composition of HRIS includes input, maintenance, and output. Input function enters personnel information into the HRIS. The maintenance function updates and adds new data to the database having entered data into the information system. The output is considered the most visible function of an HRIS. HRIS process that output, adjust it in such a way that it is understandable. In general, to maintain a competitive advantage in the marketplace, firms need to balance the resources available to the firm to achieve the desired results of profitability and survival. The resources that are available to the firm fall into three general categories: physical, organizational, and human. The effective management of human resources in a firm to gain a competitive advantage in the marketplace requires timely and accurate information on current employees and potential employees in the labor market. With the evolution of computer technology, meeting this information requirement has been greatly enhanced through the creation of HRIS. A basic assumption behind this assignment is that the management of employee information will be the critical process that helps a firm maximize the use of its human resources and maintain competitiveness in its market.

2.Objective of the Study:

➢ To know about the human resources management information systems. ➢ To understand the demand of the HRIS software HumaNET in various verticals of the Corporate World and also Business Development of the same using various promotional tools. ➢ To prepare an ROI (Return on Investment) report in order to convince the business organizations about the benefits and returns they are bound to reapon purchase and implementation of the software. ➢ To back up the claims made by the organization about their product. ➢ To find out the degree of usage of various modules of HRIS by different organizations. ➢ To know about the emergence.

➢ To know about the activities, types, needs of HRIS. Chapter-2 2.Definition of HRIS:

Tannenbaum (1990) defines HRIS as a technology-based system used to acquire, store, manipulate, analyze, retrieve, and...
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