Human Resource Trends

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Trends in Human Resources
Katharyn E. Moore
Rasmussen College

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This research is being submitted on May 26, 2013, for Christopher Dixon’s MAN3429-Section 02 Modern Human Resource Management course.

Trends in Human Resources
Human resources and management developed from social and organizational activities throughout history of humanity (Nayab & Wistrom, 2011). It has evolved from administrative duties to managing the human capital needed for producing and service industries. The development of technology facilitated a need for managing and administration of employees. The technology of manufacturing created a trend and need for a department to oversee employee relations, pay, benefits and developed into incorporate recruiting, training, payroll systems, retention, employee records and organizational strategy and behavior. The industrial revolution contributed to the beginning of human resource management with the need of protecting employees from harsh conditions, long hours and low pay (Kaizenlog, 2006). During this time as manufacturing industries developed, employees worked long hours in hazardous conditions with little pay. These conditions contributed to riots and disputes between the organization and labor resulting in the government intervening. The government also created legislation in the 1930’s to protect employees from abuse and develop standards protecting the employees (Nayab & Wistrom, 2011). The organizations found it necessary to create a group within the organization to monitor labor issues and relations as labor unions were forming (Nayab & Wistrom, 2011). The protection of the employee and organization became the basis of the first human resources department. It a necessary activity of human resources in modern time. The developing of unions and technology facilitated the need for expansion of human resources as a human resource personnel dealt with communication and negotiation with labor and the...

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