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-Strong Communication skill [ oral/ written ] 
-Good Knowledge about the existing policies
- Leadership Qualities 
- Behavioral Skill 
- Presentation skills 
- Interpersonal skills 
- People Handling Skills 
- Interview Skills 
- Negotiation Skills 
- Team Work Skills 
- Computer Proficiency 
- Professional knowledge of HR Initiative 
- Problem solving skills 
- Decision making skills 
- Assertiveness Work / family balancing 
- Strategic planning/ HRM role 
- Dedication to Continuous Improvement 
- Employee Trust 
- Business Ethics Business / culture awareness 
- Personal effectiveness 
- Human relations handling skills 
- Stress Management 
- Listening skills 
- Ready to accept challenge 
- Emotional intelligence 
- Diplomatic skills 
- Convincing ability 
- Grasping power 
- Analytical Skills 
- Motivating Skills 
- Optimism 
- Patience 
- Creativity

attribution When we interview a potential new hire, HR professionals assess the candidate against a list of key skills and personal characteristics needed for the job. Let’s turn the tables and see what that list of key attributes would look like for an HR professional. In no way is our list authoritative, but it is the opinion of people, including BLR® Founder Bob Brady, who’ve spent decades meeting with HR professionals, supporting their goals, and reporting their achievements. You may agree or not with our assessments, but either way, we’d like to hear about it via the “Share Your Comments” link at the end of the article. That said, here goes:

HR Management Key Skill #1: Organization
HR management requires an orderly approach. Organized files, strong time management skills, and personal efficiency are key to HR effectiveness. You’re dealing with people’s lives and careers here, and when a manager requests help with a termination or a compensation recommendation or recognition program, it won’t do to say, “I’ll try to get to that if I have time.” HR Management Key Skill #2—Multitasking

On a typical HR day, an HR professional will deal with an employee’s personal issue one minute, an intermittent leave question the next, and a recruiting strategy for a hard-to-fill job the minute after. And that’s to say nothing of social media, wage/hour, engagement, retention, and a whole host of other things, every one critical to someone. In HR, if it’s not one thing, it’s another. Priorities and business needs move fast and change fast, and manager A who needs someone hired doesn’t much care if you’re already helping manager B who needs someone fired. You need to be able to handle it all, all at once. HR Management Key Skill #3—Dealing with Grey

A surprisingly large percentage of the issues HR managers face are in “the grey area.” Is it discrimination? Is it harassment? What’s a “reasonable” accommodation? How far over backward do you have to lean to approve intermittent leave? HR managers have to be able to act with incomplete and “best available” information, and they have to know when to seek the professional help of colleagues, attorneys, and other experts.

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HR Management Key Skill #4—Negotiation
Along with grey comes the need to negotiate—there are often two or more opposing views, and the successful HR pro can find an acceptable middle ground. Remember, the goal of negotiation is to end up with two parties that are satisfied with the outcome, and that’s not often easy to achieve. HR Management Key Skill #5—Communication

HR professionals have to communicate up to management, over to managers, out to potential employees, and down to all levels of current employees. And they have to do it in writing, while speaking to large and small groups and,...
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