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1Introductory section

1.1 Background of Kimberly-Clark Australia
Kimberly-Clark Australia is a subsidiary of the US-based Kimberly-Clark Corporation that makes, markets, and sells market-leading health and hygiene products, such as Wondersoft®, Viva® paper towels, Thick & Thirsty®, Huggies® nappies , Snugglers® Kleenex® facial tissues, and other consumer brands, and Tecnol*, Kimcare*, Workforce*, and other business brands ( n.d.).

Kimberly-Clark Australia (KCA) has market leadership in six out of the eight categories they trade in. This has been achieved through a combination of superior products effective brand positioning and effective communication with the target market. There are three business make up by KCA: consumer products divisions, professional Division, and Health Care Division, Kimberly-Clark Australia is a global company with over 1650 employees and has annual sales revenue of approximately $1 billion. The company is committed to being a social and environmentally responsible corporate citizen ( n.d.).

1.2 Strategic purposes of KCA
KCA has set up their vision clearly and strongly relate to their stragetic puropses: “A shared commitment to be world class, growing through quality, service & innovation.” Their mission is: “To enhance the health, hygiene and wellbeing of everyone, everywhere.” These vision and mission were developed by their employees who firmly believe business success is achieved only through teamwork and individual achievement. They are committed to realising their vision, and having fun along the way ( n.d.).

1.3 The nature of the job position
Marketing managers pay a significant role in KCA, because KCA is a product-focused organization. In order to increase the market share, territorial marketing manager is important for KCA to implement the marketing strategy.

1.4 Objective
Developing this portfolio can be used as a tool for KCA human resources department in achieving the strategic objective. This portfolio has been design to provide an analysis of a marketing manager position for KCA that it can be used as a guideline for organizing the whole process of recruitment, selection, remuneration, and performance. Moreover, this portfolio also focuses on how particular HRM function contributes to good corporate governance.

2Job description for the position

Job analysis is an assessment that indentifies “the tasks, responsibilities and context of a role, and the knowledge, skills, abilities and attitudes or other characteristics required to perform the job” (Dessler, Griffiths, Lolgy-walker 2007, p.87). A position description which includes job description and specificaiton is the main consequence of job analysis process. These position descriptions are important documents for managers in recruiting and selecting applicants (Robbins & Mukerji 1990).

2.1 Job description

Job description is one of the main parts of position description. A job description refers to “a job by detailing the tasks to be performed, equipment used, conductions under which the work is to be carried out and the standard to which tasks are to be performed.”(Dessler, Griffiths, Lolgy-walker 2007, p.87). A job description is a written statement of accurately indentifying job position such as job content, working environment and conditions of employment (Robbins & Mukerji 1990).

2.2 Job specification

A job specification describes “the type of person that would be best suited to the job, and the KSAOs, experiences and qualifications they would need to perform the job.” (Dessler, Griffiths, Lolgy-walker 2007, p.87). The job specification claims the necessary qualifications such as job knowledge, skills, abilities that an employee must possess to perform a job effectively and successfully (Peterson 1990). Therefore, the job specification keeps the manager’s attention on the list of qualifications when they assess the applicants (Robbins & Mukerji 1990).

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