Human Resource Planning: Submission of Internship Report

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* A
Term Paper
Human Resource Planning of
East West Property Development Pvt. Ltd


Human Resource Planning
Submitted To
Taskina Ali
Assistant Professor, School of Business & Economics,
United International University

Submitted By
Name| ID|
Q. M, Shafayet Habib| 111092150|
Nabeela Ahmad| 111101081|
Rabeya Banu| 111101042|
Maymuna Alam Nazmee| 111101017|
Umme Taiman| 111101016|
Tasnur Jahan Tanmim| 111093210|

29 August, 2013

* Letter of transmittal
August 15, 2013
Taskina Ali
Assistant Professor
School of Business
United International University

Subject: Submission of Internship Report

Dear Madam,
It is an absolute pleasure for us to submit the Term Paper titled “Human Resource Planning of East West Property Development Pvt. Ltd.” as a significant part of the BBA program.
While making this report, we have experienced the course concepts in actual field situation. This process helped us in developing our clinical and analytical skills. This term paper provided us the opportunity to “road test” some of the ideas from the courses and to some understand of barriers ad issues in the implementation of the course concepts. We have tried our best to follow your guidelines in every aspect of preparing this term paper. We have collected what we believed to be the most relevant information to make the term paper as coherent as possible.

We thank you for providing us with the opportunity to work on this report.


Q. M. Shafayet Habib
ID: 111092150
On behalf of the group
Section- A
Human Resource Planning
United International University
* Acknowledgment
All thanks to Almighty Allah by whose boundless grace I have been able to complete this report successfully. With pleasure, admiration & respect, we express our profound gratitude to our respected course instructor Taskina Ali. It was her initiative enthusiasm and support that was our guideline in the course of completing this project.

During our preparation of the project work we have come to very supportive touch of different individuals from East west property development that helped us providing necessary information to complete the term paper. We thank everyone concerned for time & caring guidance to amplify the term paper’s contents. We want to convey our heartiest gratitude to them for their valuable responses.

And in conclusion, we express our gratitude to all other who have directly and indirectly co-operated with me in the preparation & completion of the term paper.

* Table of Contents
Executive Summaryiv
2.Literature Review4
3.Overview of the company12
4.SWOT Analysis of EWPD :19
5.Strategy of EWPD20
6.Human Resource Planning in EWDP22
10. Appendix34
11. Questionnaire35


* Executive Summary
Human resource planning or HRP is one of the widely cited topics for the organizations now days. It is the process by which one organization makes sure that it would get the right number of people for the right position at the right time. Bashundhara Group (BG), one of the largest business ventures in Bangladesh, has also been practicing human resource planning vigilantly since its beginning in the year 1987. The Group now has over 20 major concerns located in different areas of the country. Here in this report the HR practices and policies and the forecasting planning of manpower demand is discussed of the backbone of BG, the East West Property Development (PVT) Ltd. Each of the major concerns has separate manpower planning which is aggregated in the top level. In the case of human resource planning, EWPD uses both centralized and decentralized form of recruitment. It relies on both internal and external sources. However, majority (90%) of...

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