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Human Resourse Planning

Course Work
* Strategic Capability of Human Resource Planning
* Attracting, Recruiting & Selecting Talents
* Organisational Culture, Changing Working Patterns and Importance of Work Life Balance * Legal Requirements, Disciplinary & Grievance Procedures and the Role of External Agencies

This topic concern with how an organisation utilises the potential and skill of a human workforce of human workforce to achieve its goals. This essay also discussing about an organisation which attract and analyse various skills of workforce and recruit those to attain the matching pattern and retain them with attractive schemes and provide the workforce appropriate training and retraining in order to compete with the changing and challenging conditions of the market and environment and also point out the benefits of work life balance of an employee. Human Resource Planning (HRP) used by the organisations to attract the right person to perform the right job matching to organisational needs and it is an essential part of Human Resource Management. As per Hannigan (2008) in his book Management defines HR Planning as “The comparison of an organisation’s recourses which forecasts labour demand and hence the scheduling of activities for acquiring, training, redeploying and possibly discarding labour”. Planning is the outcome of the interaction between concerned Managers and planners to negotiate with the right solutions to solve the changing environmental and market condition for the benefit of the organisation. This process also forecasting the business planning and make sure the available work force to compete the current citations by providing them appropriate training and multi tasks to improve their potential to work, development of their skills in order to the boost the productivity and quality of an organisation.

Malayala Manorama :
For further study relating the above aspects I have choose an organisation where I had worked earlier which a publishing group is named as Malayala Manorama. This industry having more than 110 years of experience in printing & publishing media founded by Kandathil Varghese Mappilai in the year 1888 becomes one of the leading and versatile news paper industry in India and their regional language daily news paper from the state of Kerala having circulation of more than 15 million copies a day and they have more than 26 various leading publications such as Weekly Magazine, Child books, Political focus, Year Book, Woman Magazine, Educational Books, Calendars etc... The company is now a day’s running under the guidance of Human Resource Development department and they got excellence certificate like ISO 2000 and they have adopted systems like Standard Operating Procedure to attain their unmatchable reputation not only in India but around the world among other similar industries. 1) Human Resource Plan supports Strategic Capabilities

Resource based view of an organisation
Resources and competence : The resource based view of the firm (in short RBV) helping the organisation to give right directions to forecast and identify the needs as per the market conditions. Mintzberg and Torrigton (2007) suggest that it involves strategic thinking and strategic planning and is all about collecting the relevant data to stimulate the visioning process and also programme the vision into what needs to be done to get there. In this aspect Malayala Manorama has followed a professional method to compete with other similar organisations. They have got worldwide distribution of news from leading news agencies such as Reuters, UNI, PTA etc. to collect and deliver the relevant news in time to time to satisfy its readers. Elements of Uniqueness: This term described as the organisational character is unique and not easy to imitate by other competent organisation. The value, rareness, substitutability...

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