Human Resource Planning And Organizatio

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Human Resource Planning and Organizational Strategy
Christopher Horton
MGT601: The Functions of Modern Management (MOB1440B)
Instructor: Dr.: Nils Ohrberg
October 27, 2014

When it comes to staffing this is one of the most important activities that can be done within an organization because the staff is what makes and organization tick and without them nothing will work or run right. This is the human resource managers job which is to find the right staff for the jobs. Human resource planning and the right staff both go hand in hand together so I will be talking about the relationship between human resource planning activities and the organization’s strategic plan and the plans execution. Human resource planning is a part of the staffing process that relates to assessing workers, forecasting for the future, and planning to increase or decrease the workforce and being able to evolve so that managers can update their plans daily to changing their needs and change in plans of the original strategy. The relationship between the human resource planning and the organizations strategic development and implementation is it goes like this the people within the organization have the skills and the ability along with the skills to deliver goods and services to the people who want so that means that without the peoples skills and ability the goods and services will not be made, so people are the greatest resource a company can have and not machines cause people run the machines. So therefore the human resource strategic plan helps a company by getting the right types and right number of people; develop the knowledge, skills and abilities of employees; and, retain the employees within the organization. (Soberg, A. (n.d.) So organizational choice (choosing the right staff) and environment choice influence human resources availability and obtainability. Human resource management finds ways to match the managerial style or personnel activities with strategic efforts, offer methods for planning for more manpower in the future and has put forth ways to be successful at bringing suit in the midst of proper human resource management processes. (Lengnick-hall, C. A., & Lengnick-hall, M. L. (1988) A strategic plan can not complete until the the requirements match each to the other. The effectiveness of an organization is reached when there is arraignment between the 3 strategic plans, and the plans are concentrated on carrying out the mission. The management team establishes to what extend in which the technology, the money, or the people will be used together. This analysis shows the impact that is included in the development of the strategic plans for each resource. (Soberg, A. (n.d.) So the relationship is first you have to have the right staff in place and when you have the right staff in place management can then come up with a plan then implement the plan but as I stated you need the right staff and resources for a organization to be successful and this is carried out through human resource planning coming from the human resource manger or personnel manager’s. The eight elements that make up the staffing process is human resource planning: Assessing current workers and future forecasting. Recruiting: looking for people that are qualified for the job. Selection: this is interviewing people and hiring the ones that are best for the job. Orientation: this is getting to know your coworkers and the surroundings of the business. Training and development: teaching the workers how to perform at their jobs and help make them better at the jobs they were hired to do. Performance appraisal: this is when the managers look at the work employees do and try to help them improve in areas they are having problems with. Compensation: going over the pay and benefits that are involved with the job. Employment decisions: this is workers getting promoted or transferred or firings for the good of the company. The relationship between...

References: Lengnick-hall, C. A., & Lengnick-hall, M. L. (1988). Strategic Human Resources Management: A Review of the Literature and a Proposed Typology. Academy Of Management Review, 13(3), 454-470. doi:10.5465/AMR.1988.4306978
Soberg, A. (n.d.). The Link Between Strategic Planning and Human Resource Planning. Retrieved from
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