Human Resource Planning

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Human Resource Planning

Human Resource (HR) Planning is the practice of determining and analysing the requirement for and supply of workforce in order to achieve the organisation’s goals and objectives, fulfil its mission and reach its vision (Mathis & Jackson, 2000). HR planning predicts forces that will affect the availability and requirement of employees in the future. This process will result in top executives having superior analysis of human resource measurement for its decision making; HR expenditure being decreased due to the fact that management can forecast imbalances prior to them becoming costly; additional time will be available to place skills since requirements are predicted and analysed before staffing is done; excellent opportunities are present to comprise female and ethnic groups in upcoming developments; training of new managers can be improved. The outcomes of these can be calculated and can be used for the evaluation of the accomplishments of HR planning (Mathis & Jackson, 2000). Human resource planning is a course of action that will aim to facilitate the organisation’s plan in recruiting, improvement and training, substitution, cross-functional development and management of programs for benefits and rewards. Subsequently to guarantee in building the best valuable human resource plan, the organisation should analyse the necessity of a strategic business plan, work proficiency plan, workforce planning, training and improvement planning, career development planning and planning for right-sizing (Macaleer & Shannon, 2003). Undeniably because of this analysis in HR planning, it is essential to have a sufficient Human Resource Information System (HRIS). The purpose of this is providing accurate, balance and on time information for the process. Now a computer-based system should provide a form of information about human resources necessary for strategic business decision making. This system reflects the relationship between work requirements, employee’s individual skills and levels of performance. In this instance, the information system serves as simple reflections of reality which will help develop better and effective business decisions which are known results in the codification of knowledge (Liff, 1997). In HR planning, external environmental forces should be considered such as present technology, political climate, economic situation, legal issues, social responsibility and cultural differences. Besides these external considerations are extremely important to HR activities especially, if HR planning is globally implemented. The serious pressures that are involve in a business are scarcity of talents, fast shifting technology, government regulations, environment, health, safety and changes in the market. In this situation, the human resource planning innovations of the company are affected. This will make sure that the organisation has the right work force with the right skills in the right jobs at the right moment. There is no argument that human resource planning should be associated with the strategic goals of the company. Hence, human resource planning is an important factor in managing an organisation competently and successfully. Accordingly, HR planning positively improves organisation performance if the HR plan is strategy-based and human resource is a convincing strategic collaborator (Macaleer & Shannon, 2003). Most parts of the world may be in recession and economies are in disorder will result in worldwide effects on organisations and businesses. Any type of HR planning is presented with a surmountable differences of opinion connected with unpredictable and uncertain times. In this case, if the planning is done by HR professionals who have superior knowledge of magnitude and quality of essential resources needed for revitalization, there is optimism of future positive outcomes. According to Robert A....
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