Human Resource Planning

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In abid to growing the industrial sector in Uganda as one of the long term solution to the increasing unemployement, the government through the Uganda investment Authority (UIA) has encouraged Direct Foreign Investment in the country.However, most foreign investors have continued to express their discomfort escalating levels of labour shortage in the country thus relying on their expensively imported technical labour.

aIn your opinion, what factors could explain this situation in the economy where majority of the people in the working group are educated and unemployed yet employers are also complaining of labour shortage in the country? bWhat human resource plans at the national level can be thought out to make the educated working group employable? INTRODUCTION

National labour markets are one in which most Job search by employers and firms take place on a national level. Most job search takes place a a local level in a local labour market. The market for college professors top management positions in large co-operations and similar occupation are national labour markets, to national babour market exists only when there are a few employer and employees in most geographical regions local labour markets exits when there are many employers and employees in most geographical regions International Labour markets

An internal labour market is said to exists with in a firm if the firm fills higher levels positions in the firm primarily by promotion from with in the firms often rely on internal labour markets because: i. This reduces hiring and training costs.

ii. It improves employee morale and motivation. iii. It reduces the effect of uncertainty(since the firm has already observed work productivity) Primary and Secondary Labour Markets

Another distinction that is often used to categories jobs is that between the primary and secondary labour markets. Jobs in primary labour markets are characterized by high wedges and stable employment relationships workers employed in the secondary labour market receive low, wedges and experience unstable employment relationship example Jobs in the primary labour markets receive low wadges, Accountants, Lawyers, Teachers ,Carpenters and Plumbers etc are employed in the secondary labour markets while primary labour market Jobs how obvious advantages the secondary labour markets, while primary labour market jobs opportunity that would not be available in the primary labour market to high school and college students are not likely to find primary labour markets employment.

During summer vacations or for part time work during the academic year,Those adults who are sick in the secondary labour market occupations because of limited job skills and education. How ever there are not as pleasant with finding their employments prospects in this sector

Labour force and unemployment
The labour force consists of all non institutionalized individual aged sixteen ar above who are either working or actively seeking work. Those who choose to be full-time students or either with draw from labour force for child bearing purposes or who give up looking for work are not counted as part of the labour forces. Individuals are unemployed only if they are not working for pay at any Job and are actively seeking work. The un employment rate is defined as

Un employment rate = # unemployed
# in the labour force
The unemployment rate generally raises during recessions and falls during periods of economic expansion. It is interesting to note through, that when unemployed workers become discouraged and leave the labour force(the workers...

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