Human Resource Plan

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Mattress Express Human Resource Plan
William Shay
OMM 618 Human Resources Management
Dr. Maja Zelihic
August 10, 2014

This paper will be looking at the needs for a human resource plan and how it will be setup to accommodate the needs of the company and the employees. It will look at the different steps needed to operate a successful human resource department and the many functions of that department. Each function will be explained on how it operates, the need for that function, and how it will affect the company and the employees. Also in this paper there will be the process that this human resource department would use to accomplish each need and the summary will explain this author’s view of the advantages of having a well-organized human resource manager. Company Description:

Mattress Express is a family owned business that has been in business for 12 years it has four locations in South Texas, and two of the stores which are 60 miles from the main operation. At this time there is a total of 18 sales associates, 12 delivery personnel, 4 office personnel, 1 human resource person, sales manager, general manager, and the three owners. A brief job description of some of the positions are as follows: the owners which is a mother, father, and son work at the stores daily, the mother is in charge of all bookkeeping and paying invoices and payroll. The son works with the sales associates some but mainly deals with just the general manager, the general manager has full control over training, hiring, firing, benefits, inventory, compensation, and working with human resources to plan all operations of the business. Human resource department main functions is to work with the general manager to get approval on recruiting and all new personnel, new hire searches, when to allow for growth, benefits, motivation, compensation, employee evaluations, promotions, training, setting up training schedules, arranging manufacture representatives for training, customer service, and termination of nonproductive employees if needed. Recruiting and Selection Process:

This is probably the most important part of any Human Resource Managers (HRM) job and that is the recruiting and selection of new hires. Alternatively, ensuring the selection of the right employees is one of the most crucial HRM processes and one of the most challenging decision-making processes in an organization (Youssef-Morgan, & Stark, 2014). The process of recruiting can be an expensive and time consuming job, deciding how many new hires the company needs, what skills are expected from the applicants, what media sources to use to have the best selection of available applicants, and to make sure all advertisements are done with in the legal ramifications set by local and federal governments to avoid any claims of discrimination.

How many new hires would be dictated by the general manager to make sure that the company is properly staffed and able to take care of all customer expectations and demands? A complete understanding of the company’s needs for a vacant position is important (Gurumurthy, & Kleiner, 2002).When there is a need for growth to handle all incoming business then the general manager and HRM would discuss the amount of personnel to hire and what type of media outlets to use to obtain the staff needed. Most of this would be done through social media and taking advantage of the internet and the lower expense, we would also use the local newspaper, however HRM will also look at internal promotions before making any decisions on how many to hire from outside the company. Internal applicants are already familiar with the company’s goals, structure, culture, rules, and norms. It is also advantageous to the company because managers already know the employees skills, abilities, and actual behavior on the job (Jones, & George, 2011). However there is a drawback by usually not having a large pool of employees to choose from and that...

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