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Human Resource Management (HRM) deals with organization's methods and procedures for managing people to enhance skills and motivation. (Caudron (2003); Stewart & Woods (1996); Zimmerman (April 2001). In other words, when an organization wants to achieve a goal, it is very important that people work together to in order achieve that goal. HRM role deals to address the issues of people who work for the organization in terms of bringing them into the company for hiring purposes, helping the employee with their performance management and to motivate them to do their work, compensating them for their efforts (compensation, safety, wellness, benefits) and solving the problems that arises (providing procedures). This also involves those non-HR managers in developing and implementing HR practices by supervising non-managerial workers directly and having to report straight to the middle managers. Supervisors involve themselves in areas like helping in defining jobs, provide training, interview and select preferable candidates, appraise performance, recommendation of pay increase and promotion, communicating policies and motivating employees with the support from pay benefits and other rewards. In order to be successful in HRM, a few skills will be needed since the knowledge that an individual has is not enough. The first one is human relation skills. This skill involves the supervisors to encourage, motivate and treat everyone fairly in order for the workers to work properly as a team. The skill deals with behaviors which is a very important because in order for people to work together as a team, they will need to respect and understand one another. Thus, the human relation skill is something from within a person’s inner self i.e. what a person feels or emotional feelings. The second type of skills needed is decision making. This is the ability for supervisors to make wise and fair decisions that will surely help the organization to reach its objectives....

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