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Topic4. What recruitment and selection approach should be adopted in order to achieve the ‘best practice’ of HRM within an organization? Discussing the close links between this function and human resource planning, work analysis, job design, and human resource development (using examples).

With the development of global economy, market competition to a large extent means competing for talents. To prosper, corporations must keep their pools of talents in good shape, which demands highly of sound hiring and retention of human resources. “The best thing we can do for our competitors is to hire poorly”, a Microsoft recruiting director once put it, highlighting the importance of staffing the corporation with proper human resource. Recruitment and selection, two key elements in hiring, are being paid increasingly much attention by corporations to make human resource management (HRM) target realized. Nearly all corporations are racking up their minds to find the optimum recruitment and selection approach to achieve the ‘best practice’ of HRM. Then what’s the best recruitment and selection approach? Are there any links between this function and human resource planning, work analysis, job design, and human resource development? If there are, how are they linked and how close the links are? Therefore, these questions are this essay’s major concerns.

Recruiting is the process of developing a pool of qualified applicants who are interested in working for a corporation and from which the corporation can select the best individuals to fill the corporation’s vacancies (DeNisi & Griffin 2005). Recruiting includes internal recruiting, which means promoting qualified employees within the corporation to higher-level positions, and external recruiting, i.e. scouring prospective employees outside the corporation (DeNisi & Griffin 2005). As for the methods of recruiting, internal recruiting can rely on job posting which means information of vacancies are posted via various internal media, supervisory recommendation like supervisors recommend their qualified subordinates, and union halls such as union members who have union contracts are targeted (DeNisi & Griffin 2005). External recruiting approaches include word of month recruiting which means the existing employees recommend their qualified relatives or friends to the recruiters, publication advertisements, recruiting through employment agencies, headhunting, campus recruiting, and electronic recruiting (DeNisi & Griffin 2005).

Selection is the process of appraising the qualified applicants in the human resource pool formed in the recruiting stage and deciding which candidates will be offered the employment (DeNisi & Griffin 2005). In this sense, the selection process directly decides the quality of the corporation’s employees. Coming after the recruiting process, the selection process general comprise three major steps, i.e. collecting information of the qualified applicants, assessing these candidates of their qualifications, and making final decisions of employment employed (Stone 2008). Evaluating candidates’ qualifications is the most important and complicated step, during which emphases are mainly put on their education and work experience, skills and abilities, personalities, and fitness for the corporation (DeNisi & Griffin 2005). Selection techniques mainly include corporate-fitness appraisals, employment tests, interviews, recommendations, and medical examinations (Stone 2008).

Now that recruiting is so crucial in corporate hiring, it makes sense for corporations to ponder over which recruitment approach they should adopt to achieve the best human resource management performance, as all approach have advantages as well as disadvantages over one another. An approach best suitable to one corporation may fail to work or even cause troubles to another, excluding the possibility to come up with a universally-workable recruitment approach for all...
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