human resource management- Starbucks case study

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1. Introduction
2. Objectives
3. Significance
4. Impact of HRM
5. HRM Shareholders
6. HRM Roles & Responsibilities
7. Shift of Focus on HRM functions
8. Starbucks- Company Profile
9. Leadership Style at Starbucks
10. Factors affecting Starbucks HR Practices
11. HRM Models
11.1. Matching Model
11.2. Harvard Model
12. High Commitment HRM
13. Starbucks & HCHRM
13.1. Job Security
13.2. Selective Hiring
13.3. Training & Dvpt
13.4. Employee Involvement & Info Sharing
13.5. Team Work
13.6. Compensation
13.7. Reduction of Status Differentials
14. Benefits
15. Criticisms
16. Conclusions
17. Referencing

Executive Summary:

This project

HRM can be defined as practices, policies or methods influencing the behavior, attitudes & performance of the employees. It is a means to contribute to productivity, profitability and other business goals through enhancing and supporting business operations. (Noe R. 2012) HRM can also be broadly defined as anything and everything associated with the management of employment relationships within the organization. (Redman & Wilkinson, 2006) Objectives:

Creates environment where each employee is encouraged to make the best possible contribution to the effective working of the organization. Starbucks staff are trained and motivated to create the ‘Starbucks experience’ for their customers by providing exceptional customer service •Promotes efficiency and increased productivity among workers through training, guidance and counseling. Starbucks offers a variety of rich training and development of their staff •Development of mutual respect, dignity and trust between management and workers through employee relation. •Enhance employee morale.

concerned with utilizing human resources optimally
identify and recognize the role of HRM for overall organizational effectiveness •HRM should not be treated just as an end whereas; it is only a means to assist the company with its primary objectives. In short, HRM dept exists to serve the rest of the organization. The role of HRM should be more strategic in nature COMMUNITY

Needs of the community should be addressed in an ethical and socially responsible manner and care should be taken to minimize the negative impacts of any such demands upon the organization. Starbucks also has proclaimed their commitment to communities & environment through their mission statement, “Contribute positively to our communities and environment”. They achieve this by organizing community programs and events at least twice a year; these events facilitate donations of funds, contributions for noble causes, and also provide job opportunities. •As for their commitment to environment, they play an active role in instilling environmental responsibility among their employees. They also strive to use, buy and sell environmentally friendly products. Significance:

Why has the disciple of HRM gained importance in recent times? This is because Organizations has realized the importance of contribution that people can make to an organization. It has in recent years been identified and recognized that human resource is the most valuable and powerful assets any organization can possess as its people are the most fundamental element in determining the scale of success of any organization to a great extent and also firms can gain competitive advantage. HRM helps to channel the needs and competencies to harness a lot of talent and capabilities and to make the best out of them. HRM should be aligned and integrated with the Business strategy to be successful.

Impact of Human Resources on Organizational Performance

Source: (Steven H. Bates, 2003)
Starbucks has realized in their initial stage itself that People can contribute tremendously to the organization if HRM is administered wisely and strategically...

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