Human Resource Management Roles

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Human Resource Management Roles
Natasha Long
University of Phoenix
Human Resources in HealthCare
Joanne Kronstedt
February 06, 2013

Human Resource Management Roles
All companies, organizations, and offices have the need for a person or a team who can effectively motivate their staff, and ensure that all policies are followed and enforced. This department is called the human resources or “HR” department. According to "" (2013), human resources is defined as - “The department or support systems responsible for personnel sourcing and hiring, applicant tracking, skills development and tracking, benefits administration and compliance with associated government regulations” (para. 1). This one department has the obligation to not only the company/ organization, but to the employee as well- they are expected to keep track of every recorded needed to keep a business running properly.

In the health care setting the HR department is responsible for so many more aspects than just the definition given previously. This department or person is responsible for keeping track of continuing education credits for both employees and doctors, making sure that all labs within the office stay accredited, ensuring that the proper precautions and training are accessible and enforced when it comes to federal regulations such as HIPAA and OSHA, complaints from patients, and working with the upper management team to keep all communication lines open and information shared as necessary.

HR is there for the employee as well. In the medical field there can be many things that an employee can endure that a “lay person” may never encounter- such as death, disease, extreme illness, and tragedy. The HR department is there to give support and provide avenues to the employee to make sure they get counseling and therapy if needed to make sure the employee is mentally alright. Lower level employees- or employees who are not considered managers, in the medical...

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