Human Resource Management Review Questions

Topics: Human resource management, Human resources, Job interview Pages: 1 (352 words) Published: May 17, 2013
Review questions
1. Explain what HR management is and how it relates to the management process. 2. Why is it important for a company to make its human resources into a competitive advantage? How can HR contribute to doing so? 3. What items are typically included in the job description? What items are not shown? 4. What is job analysis? How can you make use of the information it provides? 5. Do you think companies can really do without detailed job descriptions? Why or why not? 6. In a company with only 25 employees, is there less need for a job description for the president of the company? Why or why not? 7. Give some examples of how interest inventories could be used to improve employee selection. In doing so, suggest several examples of occupational interests that you believe might predict success in various occupations including college professor, accountant, and computer programmer. 8. Explain why you think a certified psychologist who is specially trained in test construction should (or should not) always be used by a company developing a personnel test battery. 9. Working individually, develop a list of selection techniques that you would suggest your dean use to hire the next HR professor at your school. Also, explain why you chose each selection technique. 10. Explain why you think that it is (or is not) important to select candidates based on their values, as well as the usual selection criteria such as skills and experience. 11. John Santos is an undergraduate business student majoring in accounting. He has just failed the first accounting course, Accounting 101, and is understandably upset. Explain how you would use performance analysis to identify what, if any, are John's training needs. 12. Do you think job rotation is a good method to use for developing management trainees? Why or why not? 13. Working individually, develop several concrete examples to illustrate how a professor teaching human resource management could use at least four of...
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