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Topics: Recruitment, Employment, Human resource management Pages: 7 (2527 words) Published: December 5, 2012
1. Introduction
Recruitment is the first step of the process of hiring a new staff to the company. It also can differential by hiring or employing, external recruitment or internal recruitment. Hiring or employing mean that taken a new people from outside to became a new staff or company. External recruitment is to attract potential people then identify then bring to company current and future vacancy. Internal recruitment, is to identify current potential staff who are suitable for new create position or replacing the staff that resigned. 2. Explanation of the topic

The process of identifying and hiring the best-qualified candidate for a job vacancy, in a most timely and cost effective manner. The first step of hiring or employing, recruitment, is very important for every level of company. Nowadays, employees is the main and important sources for every company. It will affect company performance and the entire company if employing a wrong people to the wrong position. That’s why Human Resources Department become more important compare to before. Besides that, the effectiveness of the recruitment and selection is to ensure the successful of the organization. Recruitment and selection are the main key of maintaining and strengthening the human resources department. Even how good the recruitment are taken, there are always unexpected and accidently happen. Example, the candidate will not perform expected, the good candidate get better offer from competitor after few weeks. Another, each employees decision and opinion can add to, the quality of workforce will be good. Because of the increase of the employment protection, it is more difficult to correct mistake in the employment decision once the people was offered. Recruitment is important because once you make a wrong decision about employing, there are always a cost there. Recruitment can be differential in four type situations:

* Replacement recruitment – It involve recruiting any king of the employee, from the managing director to manual worker in the factory. * Recruiting for a new position or job – It is maybe limited to one person, but some time need someone to fill a new job or position. * Recruiting for a new build – The organization units is totally new, a new hotel, restaurants. * Recruitments need that reflect long term distortion in the supply and demand for the labour – Responses may involve developing new, and often overseas, labour markets and may feature an ethical, demographical and politcal dimension. There are two way to define the recruitment:

1. Job description – This is include the duty and responsibilities of the jobholder. And also the detail of the job, the task of the job. A job description is to record what is the employee should do. Integrity - This quality is about honesty, admitting to mistakes and fixing them, taking responsibility. Intelligence – This do not mean that to education, is about the skill the people has, example like problem solving, analytical ability. Maturity – This do not mean that to age problem, is about the ability to handle pressure, to proud of successful, the confidence, the understanding of respect others. Personal characteristics:

Positive energy or strong work ethic – This is about the strong internal drive and the way to maintain your energy source, this is more about the people who enjoy in their job, and more motivation person. The ability energize other – This is about to lead others to the way you want they to go through, working with others and even inspiring others. Having the edge to take important or often challenging decisions – This is about the people who depending on you to use your judgement and understanding what need to be done, and to make the decision with the right reason. Execute – This is about the ability to get the job done.

2. Personal specification
It is about the requirement of the jobholder in term of education, skill, knowledge,...
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