Human Resource Management Paper

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Human Resource Management

What is it? What Challenges do we face?

Jamel Walker

Human Resource Management or HRM is the process of managing people in a company as well as managing the existing inter-personal relationships. These two processes are key in the success and growth of a business. HRM includes conducting job analyses, planning personnel needs, recruiting the right people for the job, orienting and training, managing wages and salaries, providing benefits and incentives, evaluating performance, resolving disputes, and communicating with all employees at all levels. Examples of core qualities of HR management are extensive knowledge of the industry, leadership, and effective negotiation skills, formerly called personnel management. When viewing HRM from the point of ensuring that structures and processes are identified and instituted to manage an organization’s personnel, the following elements are included. Staffing is the core component of HRM. Staffing is about setting guidelines and procedures to guide recruiting and placement. The presence of these staffing procedures will aid in the effective advertising and reaching out to potential employees. On top of this, the person interviewing and selecting new staff should be able to identify candidates who are suitable for the various roles. The interview should be structured to ensure the success of the interview process as well as the candidate selection. Apart from hiring new employees, staffing also involves the management of existing employees. It touches on issues like disciplinary matters, monitoring of leave, absences and health and safety. Letting employees go is also covered under staffing. Therefore, an organization needs a strong system needs to make sure that all these elements are covered. Another key element of HRM is retention. The training of employees to enable them to improve their career paths is very important. In some situations where an employee is undergoing...
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