Human Resource Management Overview

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Human Resource Management Overview
April 22, 2013

Human Resource Management Overview
People make a business what it is, not the building that is worked it. Understanding how important people are to a company and why it is necessary to have human resource management (HRM) will be the focus of this paper. In order for companies to succeed and meet the objectives that are set in place, a business requires a human resource individual or team. Human resources have excelled in its definition and job duties over the years and expanded to ensure the overall benefit to the company and to the employees who work in it. Human resources has grown so much that it is considered a top management role to include executive positions; however, it should be noted that each manager is responsible for upholding a level of HR. It is important to understand what the human resource management job entails and what role and function they are accountable for within an organization. Resource Management

Long gone are the days when the human resource department just planned company parties or picnics; today there are a number of responsibilities and requirements that the team are held accountable for. Ensuring the employees well-being while protecting the company is what human resource is designed to do. The responsibilities can include but are not limited to hiring, firing, processing payroll, and providing benefits (DeCenzo & Robbins, 2007). The HR team is also responsible for ensuring that employees go through proper orientation and receive proper training in order to get the job done. Monitoring and maintaining tax laws and state compliance laws are also areas of the business that are taken care of by the HR team. It is important to a company that the right people are in place including the HR department as confusion or mix-ups with any processes can cause issues within the organization and be costly with time and money.

There are...

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