Human Resource Management or Hr Policies

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Synopsis of Human Resource Management Project on HR Policies of Deepak Nitrite 1.1 About the Organization: Deepak Nitrite began with a vision to support the country’s drive towards self sufficiency and import substitution in 1970. With a strong focus on customer satisfaction, the company has set up Custom Manufacturing services to meet specific needs of end users. Our capabilities extend to the manufacture of high-value, specialty products either based on our own end products or developed especially for our users. 1.2 Human Resource Policies: Human Resource Policies refers to principles and rules of conduct which “formulate, redefine, break into details and decide a number of actions” that govern the relationship with employees in the attainment of the organization objectives. 1.2.1 Formulating Policies: There are five principal sources for determining the content and meaning of policies. 1.2.2 Benefits of HR Policies: Established policies ensure consistent treatment of all personnel throughout the organization. Favoritism and discrimination are, thereby, minimized. 1.2.3 Principle of HR Policies:

Principle of individual development
Principle of scientific selection
Principle of free flow of communication
Principle of participation
Principle of fair remuneration
1.3 HR Policies at Deepak Nitrite Limited
1.3.1 Objectives of HR Policies: The company aims to fulfill the following objectives through its HR Policies: •Ensure a high degree of selectivity in recruitment so as to secure super achievers and nurture them to excel in their performance. •Impart such induction, orientation and training as to match the individual to the task and inculcate a high sense of organizational loyalty. 1.3.2 HR Policies for Various HR Procedures:

Recruitment Policy: In Deepak Group, recruitment and selection of personnel is explicitly based on the criteria of their knowledge, skills and attitudes, so as to secure super achievers and nurture them to...
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