Human Resource Management Is The Managers That Maximize The Effectiveness Of The Work Force

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Human Resource Management is the managers that maximize the effectiveness of the work force “by recruiting world-class talent, promoting career development, and determining work-force strategies to boost organizational effectiveness” (Kelly & McGowen, 2012, p. 223). The challenges human resources faces involve layoffs and outsourcing, wage gaps, older workers, younger workers, women workers, work-life balances, and lawsuits” (pp. 223 – 224).  While laying off workers and outsourcing, “Human Resources find it difficult to train workers, boost morale, and encourage workers loyalty” (Kelly & McGowen, 2012, p. 223). Also, “the wage gap between senior management and the workers, indicates a Human Resource Management challenge” (pp. 223 – 224). Human Resource Management faces challenges when dealing with older and younger workers (p. 224). “When the Baby Boomers generation start retiring, many American companies will begin losing talented and highly experienced workers in years to come”, and “the younger workers replacing them won’t trust that their employers will be loyal to them” (p. 224). “There will be more lawsuits from women workers facing discrimination in the workplace, leading them to drop out of the labor force” (p. 224). The work-life balance is going to be hard on Human Resource Management, because they know the job still has to be done (p. 224). Another growing challenge for Human Resource is, “avoiding employee lawsuits by knowing the law and encouraging legal practices” (p. 224), but any good Human Resource Department can meet these day to day challenges. 

 Kelly, McGowan. (2012). Busn 4 (4th ed.). Mason, OH: Cengage Learning

References: Kelly, McGowan. (2012). Busn 4 (4th ed.). Mason, OH: Cengage Learning
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