Human Resource Management In the Context of Harrods

Topics: Discrimination, Human resource management, Management Pages: 14 (4428 words) Published: November 21, 2014
P 1.1 The Guest Model of HRM at Harrods2
P 1.2 Difference between Storey’s Definitions of HRM, Personnel Management and IR Practices3 P 1.3 Assessment of the Implication of Line Managers and Employees of Developing a Strategic Approach4 P 2.1 Explanation of How a Model Flexibility Might Be Applied to Practice4 P 2.2 Types of Flexibility That Can Be Developed by Harrods5 P 2.3 Assessment of the use of flexible working practice from Both the Employer and Employees Perspective6 P 2.4 Impact of Flexible Working Practice that Changed the Labor Market7 P 3.1 The Forms of Discrimination That Can Take Place8

P 3.2 The Practical Implications of Equal Opportunity Legislation8 P 3.3 The Approaches Adopted to Manage Equal Opportunities and Managing Diversity9 P 4.1 Different Methods of Performance Management10

P 4.2 Assessment of the Approaches to the Practice of Managing Employee Welfare10 P 4.3 The Implications of Health and Safety Legislation on Human Resource Practices11 P 4.4 Evaluation of the Impact of One Topical Issue on Human Resource Practice11 Conclusion12


Human Resource Management is and always has been a vital portion of the organization. HRM targets to deal with both the employers and employees so that they can develop their enactment and inspire them toward the organizational goal. It has been a mantra for most of the organizations regardless the types and size that an organization will succeed to achieve the goal if they prioritize their people first over other choices. Employees enormously contribute for any company. So managing and motivating them in the manners which are most effective, efficient and feasible is a great concern of any top management in an organization. It is unmanageable for any company to maximize the profit without having a qualified workforce. So companies are focusing more on HRM. Harrods is a large company who has almost 4000 employees and almost 3000 and 3500 other agency and additional workers. So they focus on their human resource with a great concern and emphasizes on gaining competitive advantage by treating their employees in a feasible maaner.

P 1.1 The Guest Model of HRM at Harrods
In 1987 David Guest explained a new model for UK organizations which argues that the policies of any organization is directly connected to its human resource management policy and that the organization should practice policy that is commitment based and distinct from compliance based personnel management. This model believes HRM of any organization should: Focus on the employees and consider them not as the input only rather value them as the asset of the organization. Emphasize on individual needs and requirements instead of emphasizing on group workforce. Be more flexible, work friendly and enable the employees to take important decisions. Empower the employees to improve their performance and create the opportunity for them to bring out their best. Motivate the employees so that they are committed to the organizational goals. Strategic management should be directly connected with the human resource management. This model suggests that though personnel management will recruit and train the workforce but a distinguished approach is much needed that will link the high performance and commitment of the employees with the organizational culture, mission and vision rather than compliance. (Warehouse, n.d.)

Harrods always emphasize on critically linking up its strategic management with its human resource management. To ensure the efficient and sustainable performance from the employees Harrods has adopted new human resource management system which is concern about 4000 employees with 3500 agency and additional employees. Sometimes Harrods prefer maintaining rules of personnel management particularly in case of decreased sales and problem oriented situation. But mostly they follow the system which involves a...
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