Human Resource Management in Poland

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HRM in Poland

HRM in Poland saw a big evolution in the past 20 years, where the improvement is visible in the way that company’s look to this field and how their importance grow with it. With time, is possible to see the involvement of this type of management, where the size of the company gave different engagements. Different studies were done and several conclusion were taken where possible to enumerate 4: HRM knowledge improvement, giving the benefit of better practical solutions The growing of professionalism that be seen. Still not use in every company giving so a different approach is every segment of business. Reconfiguration in HR roles raising standards related to function operations The involvements of Managers and 3 party’s in HR affairs.

With all this changes, Polish HRM took the approach of starting to plan and develop the Human resources, improving/developing and acquiring new talents , been able to create their own resources in side of the company’s. A new factor that gave to HRM the opportunity of improving their quality at work was the possibility of getting their own budget. With this budget it is possible to manage how they want to work and use it on their own benefits applying then in the benefit of the company by offering trainings to the resources that company has. CONCLUSIONS:

HR create a view where they step out from the office where papers where their mean of communication in side of the company to a place where they are part of the management of the company.

Stability and diversity in the organizational culture of Polish enterprises
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