Human Resource Management Dept Brochure

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Human Resource Management
Lisa Copeland
HRM 300
April 22, 2013
Dr. Michael A. Barker, SPHR

Human Resource Management
The business definition of the term human resource (HR) is “the department within a company that is responsible for employing and training people, and for taking care of workers who have problems” (Macmillan Publishers Limited, n.d. para 1). Ensuring the staffing needs of an organization are met is the main function of HR; however, ensuring legal guidelines are followed is also an important function of the HR. Organizations of all sizes utilize some form of human resources, utilizing both trained and untrained personnel. No matter the size or training of an HR department, the roles and functions of the department are important to the success of an organization. What is the primary function of human resource management? Ensuring the right people are the right place, with the right tools, doing the best for the organization is what human resource management is all about. According to DeCenzo and Robbins, human resource management “consists of four basic functions staffing, training and development, motivation, and maintenance” Staffing

Quality staffing is the primary function of the human resource management team and is crucial to the success of the business, this includes effective recruiting and selection. In the long run, when teams are built with the thoughts of the people and the job the organization will be successful. Training and Development

The training and development of an employee begins with an informative orientation; ensuring new hires understands all that entails working for the organization. However, the training and development does not end at the orientation, it must happen throughout an employee’s career with the organization. Motivation

Keeping employees motivated is an important part of the human resource management function. Employee motivation comes in many formats and...

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