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Human Resource Management Department Brochure
Team A
October 7, 2014
Malcolm Mumford
Human Resource Management Department Brochure
Title of the brochure “Welcome to Hancock Manufacturing”. The Hancock Manufacturing Human Resources Management team has combine the experience of our entire team in order to answer common and not so common questions with this brochure. We at the Hancock Manufacturing Human Resources Management team recognize the experience each one of our members brings to this team and expertise on all of the areas that make the Human Resources Management Department. This brochure hopes to answer most questions that you might have over the following subjects Technology, Diversity, Globalization and Ethics. Technology is one the subjects that we at Hancock Manufacturing consider to be of great value and importance since it is a tool that will help our organization to grow and improve. Thanks to technology, many of the common practices done by the Human Resources Management team have been improve. For example recruiting has been made a lot easier by allowing the HR department to reach a larger number of candidate for their position using the internet. Employees can receive information and training, not wasting time and money by having someone conduct training classes in person. Technology has allowed for the HR team to be able to have access to information fast and easy. In an article by Jared Lewis, “Human resources professionals generally process a considerable amount of paperwork and also have to keep much of that paperwork on file for a considerable period of time. The use of electronic imaging has made it possible for companies to store and retrieve files in an electronic format. Technology also makes it possible for human resources professionals to simply print the forms that are needed for employees. Printing on demand eliminates the need to dig through an endless number of files in the file cabinet to find what is needed” (Lewis, 2014). Another key factor that technology has allowed for not only the HR department but also the entire Hancock Manufacturing company is the ability for all employees to have access to their timecards, benefits information, evaluation and surveys just to mention a few. Diversity is consider to be a very important subject here at Hancock Manufacturing. The idea of having people with different background, ethnicity and gender is how great innovations are created. However, having great diversity does increase the responsibility of the HR department. In an article by Ruth Mayhem “Workplace diversity affects the development of interpersonal relationships, how supervisors and managers interact with staff and how employees relate to each other. It also affects human resources functions, such as record keeping, training, recruiting and requirements for HR staff expertise. In many ways, workplace diversity increases HR responsibilities and holds the department accountable for functions mandated by law” (Mayhem, 2014). We at Hancock Manufacturing Human Resources Management team are ready and welcome this new diverse culture in our organization. Globalization – The Hancock Manufacturing organization is getting ready to start operations on a global level. With this being said, we will need to have some of our best employees move out of the country. This will open the doors for our HR department to take one new challenges like, family relocations, training outside the country, and legal matter such as passports, medical arrangements, and safety for not only our employees but also their families. In a great study by Mr. Kapoor he emphasizes the reason why we must go global in order to stay profitable as our competitions is looking to do the same “The roles and responsibilities of Human Resources departments are transforming as the modern business faces pressures of globalization. The global supply of talent is short of its long-term demand, and the gap is a...

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