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Shameka Cooper
4/29/2011 Assignment # 1 – Comprehensive Case: “Bandag Automotive Human Resource Management BUS310031VA016 G. Stan Reeley, Jr., Ph.D.

1)Given Bandag Auto’s size, and anything else you know about it, explain why

and how the human resource management function should be reorganized.

Because of the lack of any kind of plan or strategy for the company, having a functioning human resource management in place is vital. First of all management formulates a strategic plan. The strategic plan implies certain workforce requirements. Given these workforce requirements, human resource management formulates HR strategies to produce the desired workforce skills, competencies, and behaviors. Finally the human resource manager identifies the measure he or she can use to gauge the extent to which it’s new policies and practices are actually producing the required employee skills and behavior. There should be a strategy map in place which shows the big picture of how each department’s performance contributes to the company’s overall strategic goals.

The HR score card is used by many employers to quantify and computerize the maps activities. The score card refers to a process for assigning financial and nonfinancial goals or metries to the human resource management-related chain of activities required for achieving the company’s strategic aims and for monitoring results. The computerized scorecard process helps to quantify the relationships between the HR activities, the resulting employee behaviors and the resulting firm-wide strategic outcomes and performance. All of this presents the manager with a digital dash board which are computerized graphs and charts of where the company stands on all the metries from the HR scorecard.

2)Recommend what Bandag should change and/or improve upon regarding the

current HR systems, forms, and practices the company now uses.

They should put their HR system under one management source in order to acheire a desired

workforce. This would be achieved by having (a) set policies and practices Human resources policies are vital to any organization because they provide structure for the human resources department and guidelines for employment activities. Without human resources policies, it would be extremely difficult to justify employment or business decisions. Human resources leadership is initially responsible for creating the policies. Human resources practices are the method used to conduct any type of employment action. The human resources department develops the introduction to the set of policies and guidelines and explains the importance of the policies. Policies about performance appraisals, fair employment practices, appearance and behavior are just a few of the several policies contained in an employee handbook.The handbook is distributed to new employees on the first day of work and is typically discussed during informal or formal orientation sessions. Employers expect employees to fully understand the policies; a signed form to acknowledge the employee has received and understands the employment policies is contained in the employee's personnel file. Without the support of its executive leadership team - to which the human resources director should belong - the human resources policies will either fail or the workforce will be resentful of the human resources department as a whole.Without policies, an employee has no way of knowing what's expected of her. Without policies, whenever a manager needs to correct the employee's behavior or performance, neither the manager nor the employee have any guidelines to follow. This makes it extremely difficult to conduct any type of manager-employee discussion. In short, the lack of human resources policies weakens the...
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