Human Resource Management - Assignment

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Human Resource Management - Assignment

____________________________________________________________________________ ASSIGNMENT: Write a report about the operations and HRM activities of a company of your choice.

ABC Family Learning Centre (Daycare)
1234 First Avenue, Windsor ON
a) Describe the organic and mechanistic organization. Which organization structure is present within the company, and give evidence. (10 Marks)
The ‘organic’ organization has a relatively low degrees of job specialization; loose departmentalization; few layers of management; wide spans of control; decentralized decision making; a short chain of command and a flat organizational structure.

The ‘mechanistic’ organization has a relatively high degree of job specialization; rigid departmentalization; many layers of management; narrow spans of control; centralized decision making; long chain of command and a tall organizational structure.

The ABC Family Learning Centre (Daycare) is an ‘organic’ organization. ABC FLC owns/manages 2 child care centres and 2 before/after school sites. The majority of the staff at ABC are Registered Early Child Educators (RECE), with a couple of Early Child Educators (ECE’s in training) and a couple of Teacher’s Aids. Management consists of 4 Supervisors (1 at each site), 2 Family Coordinators and 1 Financial Administrator and 1 Executive Director – this is a good example of a flat organizational structure. There is a wide span of control with fewer levels of management which leads to a short chain of command, increased subordinate/staff autonomy so they can make decisions quicker. b) Explain the 5 ways a company can departmentalize. Provide evidence as to which way the company departmentalizes. (7 Marks)


Functional – based on the primary functions performed
Product – based on the goods/services produced or sold
Process – based on the production process used
Customer – based on the primary type of customer...
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