Human Resource Management and Unilever Family.basically Unilever

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Unilever Bangladesh LTD.

BUS 101 Report
Course Instructor: TRT
Sec: 22

* Group members:

ASHIKUR RAHAMAN| 1221079030|
Suraiya Akther Tasnova | 1230273630 |
Sabrina Sazib Misty | 1231014030 |
Monirul Islam Monir | 1230488030 |
MD. Rubel Bhuiyan | 1231047030 |
Sanjida Alam Shanta | 1320931030 |

* Acknowledgement

* One of the most pleasant parts of submitting a report is the opportunity to thank those who have contributed to it. Unfortunately, the list of expression of thanks – no matter how extensive is always incomplete and inadequate. These acknowledgements are no exception. * Our first thanks goes to the almighty Allah for giving the patience and courage to finish this task within its extended deadline. * We sincerely acknowledge our debt to MISS: TASNIM TANIM our honorable course faculty, for her valuable counseling towards the improvement of the assignment. Without her encouragement, this would have been impossible. * And MD. TAREQUZZAMAN who is the Territory manager of Unilever Bangladesh Limited helped us to get information related this project.

Table of contents:

* 1.0 Organizational Background
* 1.1 History
* 1.2 Objectives
* 1.3 Product/Service
* 1.4 Employees
* 1.5 Customer
* 1.6 Shareholders
* 1.7 Community Involvement
* 1.8 Public Activities
* 1.9 Conflicts Of Interests
* 1.10  Current Operations
* 2.0 Departments
* 2.1  Accounts, Finance & IT Department
* 2.2  Production Department
* 2.3  Human Resource Department
* 2.4  Marketing Department
* 2.5 Customer Service or Development Department
* 3.0 Functions
* 3.1 Planning
* 3.2 Organizing
* 3.3 Directing
* 3.4 Controlling
* 4.0 Analyze the information
* 4.1 Strengths and Weakness
* 4.2 Recommendations

1.0 Organizational Background

* 1.1 History
* Unilever Bangladesh Limited is a subsidiary of Unilever, world’s one of the largest Household and Personnel Care and Foods Manufacturer with an annul turnover of €39.6 billion or approximately 2,40,000Crore Taka. Unilever Bangladesh Limited is the leading public company in Household and Personnel Care producer in Bangladesh with 18 brands and numerous sub-brands.The year 1964 marked a new beginning for Kalurghat in Chittagong. It was in this year that Unilever Pakistan Ltd a subsidiary of Unilever, the Anglo Dutch Consumer goods Company, decided to establish a manufacturing unit in Kalurghat. Unilever started its quest to contribute to enhance the quality of human life, not confining its mission to produce quality branded products, but also providing opportunities of employment, developing ancillary industries, protecting the environment, and propagating community development through social contributions. In 1964, Unilever started producing mechanized soaps, thus ushering industrialization in the area. Productions started off with Sunlight soap and Lifebuoy soap. Back in those days the average weekly capacity was 50 to 60 tons. After meeting the local demands, surplus was shipped to Pakistan. However, the political scenario was deteriorating and after a ravaging war in 1971, Bangladesh became an independent country. It was after independence that Unilever Bangladesh Ltd was constituted with Unilever owning 60.75% shares and the Government of Bangladesh owning the remaining 39.25% shares. Post liberation period evidenced accelerated growth for the company. Demand started rising and the company continued its mission to meet consumer needs by producing quality soaps, introducing Lux – the beauty soap and Wheel. Launched in 1972 Wheel entered the mechanized laundry category, traditionally dominated by cottage soaps. It appealed to the consumers with unique care benefits for hand and fabric, a generic weakness in cottage soaps. It gradually became the secret ally of...
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