Human Resource Management and Thames Reach

Topics: Human resource management, Human resources, Communication Pages: 5 (1963 words) Published: April 13, 2013
Unit:Developing Yourself as an Effective Human Resources Practitioner

By: Eugene Andre Vincent Dixon

Activity 1 briefly summarise the HRPM (i.e. the 2 core professional areas, the specialist professional areas, the bands and the behaviours) [Please find on a separate piece of paper ]| 1.1| In comparison both professional areas present valid arguments as to how greatly they contribute towards my daily activities within the workforce. The activities and knowledge set by band 1 employee relations I consider essential to my role as I am assigned the task of supervising employee annual reviews. To identify an emotional connection that the employees has towards their work and initiate where development is to needed to enhance their position. Throughout the process I support an analysis of research by possessing questions in the meeting. As well, collect and analyse responses from employee’s feedback surveys and collate feedback from new starters and leavers. Through use of this example given of how to conduct such a task I am able to gain an insight to improving my method of collecting data and present my findings to manager/supervisor(s) in a beneficial way that will improve management and employee relations. However, in contrast band 1 leading HR provides an insight to identifying areas of my knowledge and practices I need to expand upon fully to enhance my level of professionalism. In addition, provides guidelines to obtaining leadership skills which will highlight the importance of my position within the organisation and how it co assigns with Thames Reach overall objective. | | Activity 2 Board of directors Legally develop and maintain a qualified workforce that delivers products and services to their service users in such a way to incorporate Thames Reach vision and overall mission. In order to accomplish this mission and obtain a high level of service we within the HR team aims to know and understand the nature of our organisation. Work alongside managers and directors so that valid information is not misconstrued or taken out of context. Managers Thames Reach line managers require HR to participate in the recruitment and selection processes e.g. conduct a series of candidate screening and advertise for a newly open position internally/externally.As well, as assist in the process of disciplining, terminating and departure of staff throughout the whole of Thames Reach. EmployeesWithin Thames Reach employees has several needs such as that HR facilitates and contributes to their progress and develop within the organisation. As well, as updates and upholds company policies to enable them to work as to the best of their abilities to avoid any illegal practices. In addition, provide successful training programs as a means of promotion or improving their career aspects within the organisation. In order, to prioritise such a conflict Thames Reach HR team does not hinder or rule out the possibility of promotion. Instead review our budget, be sensitive the employees request, and acknowledgethe validity of it and try to find a creative way of keep them engaged. Identify if there is another opening that fits the employee where the pay grade is higher. Offer cross team assignments position enabling the employee to take on a new role and responsibilities via position shift within a few months. Throughout various departments of Thames Reach all three customers have a conflict of interest regarding a consultation. For example an employee who feels they have been unfairly dismissed may seek legal advice to appeal against the matter. Whereas a manager stack within thematter is that they have valid reasons for the dismissal and the issue be handled correctly to not hinder our service or level of productivity. In addition, the board of directors stack is to have neither parties in the matter seek legal advice from any organisation outside the company e.g. trade union to avoid publiclydefacing Thames Reach,...
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