Human Resource Management and New Employees

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1. What do you think was causing some of the problems in the bank home office andbranches? There is clearly a problem with communication, and the effects are felt in thearea of employee commitment. Ruth Johnson who has been workingat the bank’s head office for last two months did not know what the machine she is usingis called or what is does. That shows that the bank did not give her sufficient training tofamiliarize herself with the name and the function of the machine. However, she didknow how the machine works, but this doesn’t mean that she has been trained properly.A huge problem in the bank’s home office is the lack of a proper Training program. It can be an in-house training program especially designed for the new employees at the bank or a practical on-the-job training program. This will give new employees the change to practice, observe others, ask questions, learn from mistakes and familiarize themselveswith the equipment that they are using. It is very important for the bank to utilize itsavailable resources. In this case the supervisor could have given her proper, on-the-jobtraining and informed and familiarized her with the name and function of the machinethat she operates. 2. Do you think setting up an HR unit in the main office would help? Of course I think itwould! Since there are HR-related problems both in the home office and in the branches, it isclear that if a personnel office were set up, it would need to help to coordinate the HRactivities in the branches. 3. What specific functions should it carry out? What HR functions would then be carriedout by supervisors and other line managers? What role should the Internet play in thenew HR organization? There is room for quite a bit of variation in the answers to thisquestion. Our suggested organization would include: HR Unit: job analyses, planning labor needs and recruiting, providing advising and training in the selection process, orientation of new employees, managing wage and salary administration, managing incentives andbenefits, providing and managing the performance appraisal process, organization-widecommunications, and providing training & developing services. Supervisors and Other LineManagers: interviewing and selection of job candidates, training new employees, appraisingperformance, departmental & personal communications, and training & development.Internet and HR: shift some activities to specialized online service portals and providers. Qs. A pharmaceutical company placed in Pakistan wants to launch its operation in Afghanistan. Initially they plan to reach out to the market through off the shelf medicines and gradually penetrate through extensive distribution and in the next three years target manufacturing to cater the needs of Afghanistan and Central Asian Republics. Q1: prepare HR planning for the position required to ensure screen of its operations? First of all the company must consider the organisational strategic planning objectives, then the possible available woekforce must be evaluated by identifying both the external nad internal workforce. When these things are completed, forecasts must be develpoed to identify both the demand and supply of human resources.finally HR plans must be developed to provide specific direction for the management of HR activities related to employee recruiting, selection and retention. Q2: Prepare job descriptions and job specification for key personnel’s Executive Positions who would be managing these operations. JOB DESCRIPTION

JOB TITLE: Key Personnel Executive Position
DEPARTMENT: Human Resource Management
GENERAL SUMMARY: Supervises, coordinates and assigns work to ensure department goals and making sure customer needs are met ESSENTIAL JOB FUNCTIONS:
* Supervise the work of employees to enhance performance by coordinating duties, advising on issues and checking work * build effective business relationships with health care partners and customers * prospect for new business...
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