Human Resource Management and Hr Practitioners

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Activity 1

Human Resources Department is the department which performing events and activities such as planning, organizing, development and leadership. It is the department that concerned with staff motivation to reach the highest level of productivity and efficiency and combining between the company and the employee in direction and contribute to achieving the objectives of each of them as well as contribute to increasing the company's market share and maintain the human dimension.

In many organizations, the HR professionals apply the HR Profession Map in their performing their work. It shows the HR members how they perform their job properly and effectively. It shows their roles as HR practitioners and stages to be followed and level of their work according to the HR global standards.

The HR Profession Map has three main key components. The first component includes 10 Profession Areas, which shows what is required and needed from the HR practitioner. They are Strategy, Insights and solutions, Leading and managing the human resources, Organization design, Organization development, resourcing and talent planning, Learning and talent development, Performance and reward, Employee engagement, Employee relations and Service delivery and information. The second component of the HR map includes 8 Behaviors which shows how the HR practitioners performs activities. Each activity is divided into 4 bands of profession components starting from beginner toward leadership. [1] The third component includes four Bands. They are sorted from band one to band to from those who entering the profession as beginners till become leaders and professionals[2].

The HR Map is developed in 2 key professional areas. They are Strategy, Insights and Solutions and Leading and managing. In the area of Strategy, Insights and Solutions, the HR practitioner understands very well the activities of the business, plans and strategies, and highlights the barriers and difficulties to the sustainable performance and employees and customers’ needs. The HR practitioner should have a unique insight to move the performance of the business in creative way and to deliver the HR strategy and solutions.

In the Leading and Managing, the human resources function is that the HR professionals ensure that all employees at all levels of the organization develop their knowledge, skills and experience in order to fulfill the short and long term ambitions of the organization. The employees also are to be motivated to learn and grow and do better performance. The HR professionals should be effective and do their work in the best way. Their duties include personal leadership and leading others, designing HR function and deliver of service, planning and deliver of HR resources, HR budgets and finance managing, and they deliver performance and value in HR team.

The HR professionals need 8 main behaviors in order to perform their duties in the best ways. The behaviors are: Curious, Decisive thinker, Skilled influencer, Driven to deliver, Collaborative, Personally credible, Courage to challenge and Role model.

The first behavior is Curious, in which the HR practitioner gets attention to internal and external environment and the interest in self and others development and improvement, open-minded and shows the willingness to learn, inquisitive and future-focused. The second behavior is Decisive Thinker in which shows the ability to understand quickly and analyze date and information; use knowledge, experience and insight, organize them and use the judgment and make strong decisions. The third behavior is Skilled Influencer, in which shows the ability to influence and impact in order to get required commitments and help from different stakeholders for the value of the organization. The forth behavior is Driven to Deliver in which the HR professional shows determination, become responsible to deliver result personally and with others. The HR...
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