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The report below sets out the importance of the HR function, explains how HR activities support the organisation’s strategy and ways HR support line managers and their staff.

The HR Function is in a position to add value by proper formulation and implementations of the following activities and in turn support the organisation strategy. Recruitment and Selection
Recruiting the wrong people can lead to a drop in productivity, lack of commitment, low morale, and rapid staff turnover, all of which can impact heavily on the bottom line. The Chartered Institute for Personnel and Development (CIPD) puts the cost of recruiting the wrong person at 2.5 times their annual salary, taking into account factors such as wasted salary benefits, severance package and money spent on training and induction – not to mention the added cost of having to go through the recruitment process again. ACAS, Get the right people for your business - available: (Accessed: 11th November 2013) HR function aids in recruiting new staff with relevant skills and abilities, not just for a current role but identifies skills and abilities that organisations will need in the future. Ensuring the company has the right people with the right skills at the right time. This will also allow for consideration of suitable internal candidates for job promotion by recognising relevant talent. The HR Function saves Management time ensuring selection of the most skilful and competent person from the high volume of applicants at the time. This will allow for Management to then select from a ‘premium’ pool of shortlisted candidates. When successful in this endeavour, HR will provide support to the organisation strategy. Training and Development

HR function plays an important role in developing a culture of continues learning. HR will identify training and development needs of existing staff and meeting those needs. HR would do this by either arranging training...
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