Human Resource Management: An Overview

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Human resources management is the process of controlling and managing people to achieve an organization’s objectives. For example, it specifies what time the employees have to arrive and determines what kind of task suits to the individual.

1. The Evolution of Human Resource Management Function

1.1 Scientific Administration

The concept is to put the right man to the right job. When a person keeps working on repetitive jobs, tasks get done quicker. For rewarding system, the more they work, the more they get paid. Employees are seen as machines (cost) and the company tells them what to do. Being repetitive work routines, employees get bored and dissatisfied. Moreover, there is a lack of communication between employees.

1.2 Personnel Administration

The concept is quite similar to science administration because a company sees employees as machines (cost). It gives little attention in dealing with human. This concept is usually found in manufacturing jobs and factories. It focuses on controlling, hiring, and firing people. For example, a company makes sure that employees come to work and leave on time by using clock-in and clock-out system.

1.3 Human Relations Movement

There are more interactions between people. Participation in discussion and knowledge sharing are allowed, resulting in a closer distance between boss and employees. It is the time that organization moves from controlling to sharing ideas. As a result, company can have more options and be innovative. Also, employees would feel more comfortable and have a sense of belonging to the company.

1.4 Human Resource Management

It focuses on how a company manages people, understanding employees’ needs and wants, and making their employees as an asset. Employees are trained in order to develop necessary skills for long-term advantages. This concept is influenced through practices, policies, and function of employees in the company. The business strategy links to HR strategy including job design and structure, recruitment, selection, training, rewarding and promotion, career management, and performance management. In the case whereby employers treat employees well, it is beneficial in the long run in maintaining relationship with employees.

5. Strategic Human Resource Management

It shows how a company link different HR practices together. Panyapiwat Institute of Management (PIM) is a good example of corporate institute run by CP. It offers courses that try to develop important skills in the way the company wants. In this strategy, the company links their educational courses to organizational strategy to prepare students to become well-trained employees.

McKinsey 7S Model and Strategic HRM

Value identifies what is good and what is right. Company tries to stress on the importance of keeping the company’s value. Also, company tries to pass on company’s value generation to generation.

2. Current Competitive Challenges in HRM

2.1 Globalization has an impact toward HRM in terms of movement of people, war for talent, and regional integration. Nowadays, people can easily work anywhere because of trade policy and immigration policy. These policies allow more flows of goods and services, and also factors of production. It benefits companies which are seeking for potential labors. Also, many multinational companies send expatriates to work in foreign countries. However, there is also a bigger gap between good brand image companies and companies that cares more about reducing costs. In Asia, we have a potential to become an important source of labor since there is a trend of growth pool such as ASEAN, China, and India. Above all, the labor cost is cheap.

As a Thai citizen, we think that it is going to be hard for Thailand to compete with other ASEAN countries for many reasons such as cultural factors and social factors. For cultural factors, Thais are lazy and they are not willing to do dangerous, difficult,...
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