Human Resource Management

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1.Human Resource Management (HRM, HR) is the management of an organization's employees. While human resource management is sometimes referred to as a "soft" management skill, effective practice within an organization requires a strategic focus to ensure that people resources can facilitate the achievement of organizational goals. Effective human resource management also contains an element of risk management for an organization which, as a minimum, ensures legislative compliance. 2.Human Resource Management (

Major source of competitive advantages (specially in service sector) Focuses on issues relating to people, hiring, performance mgt, training, motivating employees, (recruit & retain best employees purpose) Conflict management, within working environment. Avoid/solve.

3.Human Resource Management
“Administrative activities associated with Human Resources, Planning, recruitment, Selection, Orientation, Training, Appraisal, Motivation, and Remuneration etc.”

“HRM aims at developing people through work”

4.Human Resource Management “Term that is replacing personnel mgt and implying that personnel managers should not merely handle recruitment, pay, discharging, but should maximizing the use of an organization’s HR.”

Product of 1980’s Personnel Management
Product of 21st century Human resources management

5.Human Resource Management “HRM is a distinctive approach to employment management which seeks to achieve competitive advantages through the strategic deployment of highly committed and capable workforce using an array of cultural, structural and personnel techniques.”

Storey’s Model of comparing personnel management with human resource management:

Differentiating Human Resource management & Personnel Management HR = Competitive edge to organization
Employee commitment
HRM = Strategy
Involving senior mgt in shaping HRM practices

HRM Perspective

Hard HRM
The Hard...
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